This 'n That Friday

One of my favorite lake photos shows the water near the docks on the 5mm, Grand Glaize Arm-Lake of the Ozarks.

Today's post is just what the title implies. This and that on a Friday morning. I've included two photos from our home.
We're going to the Ozarks this evening. Of course I will have the camera! Once again, we don't have a plan for the weekend. We'll just sort of meander around and see what we can see and do.
Shown here is a silk arrangement I made about 4 years ago. Over Christmas, I placed a garden statue, holding an ornament, on this small table in the foyer. I moved the statue to the hearth room, where it now sits on the hearth. A bird nest replaced the Christmas ornament. I looked at the bare table in the foyer for quite awhile, with no real thoughts as to what I would place there. Finally, last Saturday, I rediscovered this arrangement. I'm happy I did. It adds a bright spot by the front door.
I've also added this photo of our powder room. I love this little corner. It adds a sort of unexpected element to our home. This is the only red room in our home and the first red room we've had in any home. Long John Red by Ralph Lauren, is the name. Yes, those are photos of the grandchildren, sitting on the small chest. Do you suppose it's decor correct to put family photos in the powder room? Doesn't matter, they're staying!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the back porch this week. I hope you return often.
Have a wonderful weekend!