Ozark Weekend Dreamin'

Sunrise, moonlight and a noon day sky. Views from our back porch on the Grand Glaize Arm, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri-Midwest/USA

March 2007, a month of new beginnings and promised adventures, has flown by!

This afternoon, we're driving to our place at Lake of the Ozarks.

The lake is beginning to wake up from it's wintertime nap. The activity and excitement of the new season, will begin in April. This last weekend of March we expect to see a few fishermen and boats in our quiet cove. We'll enjoy sunrise from our back porch, each morning.

We have no weekend plan other than a drive around the countryside. Perhaps a stop at an antique shop or flea market along the way. Most of our time at the lake will be spent reading, fishing and enjoying the tranquility.

I'll return here Monday April 2, with a note about our Ozark weekend wanderings and a photo or two.

Thank you dear family and friends for stopping by the back porch, this month. I hope you will return often.


Missouri Spring

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty four hours. ~Mark Twain~
I wonder if Mark Twain was speaking of Missouri! Growing up, just a few miles up the road from our town, he certainly knew Missouri weather.
The first photo was taken early Sunday March 25. The second photo was taken just at sunrise, this morning. This is an ornamental pear tree in our back yard.


Back Porch Weekend

We've had absolutely beautiful early Spring weather, the past several days. It's put us in a mood for gardening. I'm the "planner" and J is the planter!

Yesterday, we spent the morning shopping for perennials. We brought home Heather, Prairie Sage, Grape Hyacinth and several other beautiful plants. They have been planted, in hopes we will have no frost, until next Fall!! Aren't we the optimistic ones!!

We're working on the back porch and patio, today. I have several small projects for the back porch. J is in charge of the patio.

I made something quick and easy for breakfast this morning, because we wanted to spend as much time as possible outdoors, enjoying the weather and working on our projects. I baked Cinnamon Crumb Cake, to be served with iced tea. It's very easy! A box of Krusteas Cinnamon Crumb Cake mix, egg and water! This cake reminds me of the coffeecake my Granny made. I don't know the recipe. I know it as Jewel Tea Coffeecake. It may have been a mix or she might have made it with ingredients ordered from Jewel Tea. I remember how good it was and how wonderful it smelled while baking. Does anyone remember Jewel Tea?

I bought fresh asparagus, yesterday. It looks wonderful. I'm going to try Rhoda's (Southern Hospitality) recipe, this evening.

I hope everyone is having as beautiful a weekend as we are.



I thought you would like to see a glimpse around our home and gardens. We built our home in 2003. Before that, we lived on the family farm. My husband lived there, 58 years. I was there a little over 20 years. Moving to a 1/2 acre lot and larger home was a bit of an adjustment.

Our home is furnished with our collections, inherited pieces from our parents and lots of other bits and pieces from here and there, collected over the past 60 or so years.
Some photos here, are from last Spring and Summer, others were taken during Christmas. I snapped a few photos, this morning. The first grid consists of views of the living room, dining room and hearth room.

The second grid is made of photos from the breakfast room, kitchen, laundry (small table with chicken lamp) and one of two guest rooms, and a view of the hall side vanity area.

The third grid: 2nd of the guest rooms, studio in bonus room over garage, master bedroom suite.

In the grid below are photos, taken around the yard, last year and the year before.

Last but certainly not least....a shot of Molly! She loves to go and the truck is her favorite ride!



While visiting Rabbit Run Cottage, I discovered a lovely post about Lilacs. It brought back happy memories of our 2006 northern Michigan vacation.

We visited Mackinac Island, during the annual Lilac Festival. Countless Lilac bushes were in full bloom. The fragrance was fabulous.

Our day began with an early Ferry to the island. Exploring this gorgeous island, the cottages, gardens and the beautiful views are some of the wonderful memories, that make us wish to return. Best of all, we shared this great vacation with our family.



Historic South Main Street, St Charles Mo, has long been one of our favorite places.

Yesterday, was a beautiful sunny day. Although cool, it was still a perfect day for a walk along South Main.

The Flower Petaler, one of my favorites, was our first stop. I browsed while my husband talked with the proprietor. I picked up a basket to fill with silk Forsythia (ours isn't blooming yet). The basket brings a bit of Spring to our front door.

We walked awhile, looking in shop windows, enjoying the morning. Around noon, we had lunch at Lewis & Clark's Restaurant. Our table was in the second story glassed in room. Our favorite table is on the third floor, open air balcony, overlooking South Main. It was a bit chilly for dining outdoors yesterday, though.

After lunch we walked around Frontier Park, on the banks of the Missouri River.

Later, we took a drive to North 2nd Street and Frenchtown. My brother in law, briefly, rented an apartment there, in 1965. It was one large room, above a tavern. There was a balcony at the front and "primitive" plumbing on the back porch. I always think about those few days, he lived there, when we drive through Frenchtown. Now, I can see it might have been fun to decorate that apartment in a wonderful New Orleans style. In 1965, I only saw it as a challenge!!

What a wonderful Sunday!
If you would like to know more about St Charles and historic South Main, visit:


Happy St Pat's Day!

From my back porch to yours, I'm wishing you a very happy St Patrick's Day!

Three Irish Blessings
For each petal of the Shamrock.
This brings a wish your way.
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
May your blessings outnumber
The Shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you
Where ever you go.
Dance as if no one were watching.
Sing as if no one were listening.
And live every day as if it were your last.



Next week, according to the calendar, marks the official beginning of Spring! We've taken advantage of very nice early Spring weather, this week. The clearing of gardens and general yard spruce-ups have begun.

We had supper on the back porch, the other evening. It was wonderful!

I haven't started "dressing" the porch for Spring/Summer 2007. Have some ideas, dancing around in my thoughts. We acquired a round table for the back porch, in December. This years redo will be centered around this piece. The shutter screen will be used again, as well as the tall cabinet. I think I'll dig around in storage, today, see what else I can come up with. I always enjoy "fixing up" the back porch, each Spring.


Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House...

I never met a Cary Grant movie, I didn't like! "Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House" is an all time favorite, I can watch time and again!

Sixty years after the film was released, Jim and Muriel Blandings' home would easily fit into the landscape of today. It's a classic/timeless home. The interior decor can be found in many of todays homes.
While watching movies, old or new, I tend to pay special attention to set decoration. Whether those old black and white movies of the 1930's and 1940's or films of today, they are great inspiration for decorating our homes.
The cabinet in the photograph, belonged to my mother. It's from the 1930's era, I believe. This cabinet sits in our dining room and seems to fit seamlessly with other, more up to date furnishings in that room.



I admit it, I can't resist a red tag!

Over the weekend, my daughter and I consulted with a florist, for her Fall 2007 wedding. The business is located in a lovely old Victorian home. We explored many of the rooms. I always enjoy older homes. I imagine what it might have been like when they were new and wonder about the people who lived there.

After the consultation, I was browsing through the shop and discovered this arrangement. To my delight, a red tag was attached. I know, it's Spring and this is decidedly a Fall arrangement, or seems so. But I just had to bring it home! Before I knew it, it was packed up and I was carrying it out the door!!



To those who know me, it comes as no surprise that decorating is my hobby. My first efforts in decorating began as a teenager.

When I was about 15 years old, using babysitting earnings, I "cleverly" decorated our bathroom, with curtains made from towels and little this and that accessories. Mother loved the results. That was Spring 1959. Little did I know, that "makeover", would begin a journey that is still going strong, almost 50 years later!

In our breakfast room sits a large pine farmstyle table with eight brightly colored chairs. Red, yellow, orange and green, there are two of each. Two years ago, I made a "daring move" by bringing the chairs home. Since then, I've seen the chairs used, with a pine table, as part of the set decoration in a movie. I was thrilled to know my "idea" had made it to the big time! Yesterday, I picked up the March 2007 issue of Country Decorating Ideas. Within the pages I, once again, discovered my colorful chairs!! Three of them, along with a bench, were used as seating at a round oak table, that had belonged to the homeowner's grandmother. I have to admit, at the time I bought my chairs, I briefly wondered if I would tire of them quickly. Two years later I like them as much as I did the day I brought them home.

I can't pinpoint a particular style of decorating in our home. Each room seems to have a life of it's own. The Traditional main floor living room, Cottage guest room on the upper level and the rustic Lodge decor in our lower level family room, surprisingly, flow.

For a look at our home, here is a link to my Spring 2007 Photobucket album: . There are links to other albums there. One album holds photos of our home, decorated for Christmas 2006. These albums are works in progress. If you like, check back, now and then, for updates.



One of my favorite decorating accessories is a cloche. I enjoy changing the vignettes with the holidays and seasons..
Bird nests, santas, chocolate bunnies and cookies are examples of what I've displayed beneath a cloche.

Many times, I've displayed a cloche empty. The simplicity of the form being all the ornamentation needed.



A view from the "back porch" at our weekend place at Lake of the Ozarks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When I first thought of writing a blog, I wondered what I could possibly find to talk about! I enjoy sharing news of family, friends and our home. These will be subjects of most of my entries.

Home is not always about the dwelling. Yesterday's entry and today's, have subjects which mean home to me, also.

I've personally known several gifted storytellers. Three are included here.

My Grandad told good stories. He had a dry wit that made us laugh until we cried. I loved to sit beside his chair and listen to wonderful tales of his boyhood, growing up in our beautiful Ozarks.

When I was in my mid 30's, Mother remarried. My stepfather was wonderful. Charley grew up deep in the "hills and hollers" of the Ozarks. Listening to delightful stories of the old days, told while sitting on the front porch or at a campfire beside the Piney River, meant so much to me.

We have a friend who is a gifted storyteller. He's a southwest MO native. We could listen to him for hours.

Theirs are life stories, told with beautiful southern Missouri accented voices, that seem to make the story come to life.

Many times when the storyteller is gone, the story is lost. I'd like to think there are those still telling of the "old days". Family life stories passed from generation to generation. I try to remember to tell my children and grandchildren some of the old stories and some of my own.



While looking through my books, this morning, I rediscovered several volumes of the Foxfire books. I began reading these books during the 1970's. I've enjoyed them over and over again, through the years. Foxfire consists of several volumes, telling the stories and customs of the people of Appalachia.

As I picked up the first volume, it fell open to the chapter about White Oak Splits. I have several White Oak Split baskets, handmade by Missouri Artisans. They are beautiful in their simplicity. The smallest basket in the photo was purchased in 1972 or 73. It is from a basketmaker at Silver Dollar City, near Branson, MO. Years later, I was at a craft show in Wentzville, MO., where I met the daughter of the SDC artisan. She was carrying on the basket weaving tradition. I was so happy to be able to purchase one of her baskets. We have it at our weekend home, at The Lake of the Ozarks.
The two larger baskets toward the front, were made by a Washington, MO artisan. I purchased them at a festival near Marthasville, MO, during the 1990's. The dark basket toward the back is another example of White Oak Split basketry. It's over 100 years old and was purchased at an estate auction.

The little chair was purchased on South Main Street, Historic St Charles, MO. We found it at the shop of an artisan. We owned a rocker that needed a new seat and took it to her for restoration. She too, was carrying on a family tradition of White Oak Split weaving. When we picked up our rocker, the little chair came home with us, too. It now sits at a small writing table in our kitchen.

During the 1970's, students at my hometown high school began a project similar to Foxfire. Their publication was called Bittersweet. It has been described as a "Foxfire of the Ozarks".



As Spring approaches, I look forward to relaxing on the back porch with a cup of tea and a good book.
The original plan was for a terrace between our hearth room and master bedroom. We asked the builder if it would be possible to have a covered back porch with fireplace. We are so happy we decided to make this little addition. The porch is one of our favorite "rooms".
We've been able to enjoy the porch 4 seasons of the year. A nice fire in the fireplace, makes it possible for us to sit on the back porch, even when snow is on the ground.
Welcome to my back porch.