~All About Home~

Last week I wrote about Main Street in Historic St Charles, Missouri. Today, I'm introducing you to a wonderful shop, on Main Street, in our town, a few miles north of St Charles. Just as it's name implies, All About Home offers wonderful items for the home.

There are plans for a small lunch cafe, in the area through the doorway to the right, shown in the photo above. This side of the building was once a bakery.

J and his brothers attended Sacred Heart School at the north end of Main Street. They walked 3 miles, from their home on the farm, every morning. J has childhood memories of stopping at the bakery for a warm donut, on his way to school.

Housed in an antique building, All About Home offers gorgeous accessories. You will see, in the following photos, just how beautiful the shop is and what fabulous merchandise, proprietors Lori and Greg offer.
They are a delightful couple. We certainly enjoy visiting them at All About Home. Today, Greg gave us a tour of the building. He told us of his plans for renovation and dreams for this wonderful old structure.
We are delighted to see this grand old building being lovingly restored.
A window looking out on Main Street.
The following photos, speak for themselves.

This gorgeous wreath was fashioned by shop owner, Lori.

In this window, you see a ghost of the past life of the building. J remembers when it was a grocery store. His memories include large cartons of candy, probably penny candy, sitting on the sidewalk, outside the front door

Many years ago, the building was home to a bank. Through these curtains is the space that once held the vault. During the building's life as a grocery store, this room was used as meat locker.

This photo collage shows the top floor room, that was once the IOOF Lodge. Through the window, you see the county courthouse to the north. J's school was across from the courthouse. There are fantastic plans for this top floor. Lots of work to do! We wish Lori and Greg the very best, in turning this beautiful old building into a gem, on Main Street.


Our thanks to everyone for your well wishes, on the birth of our beautiful grandson Noah. I would also like to thank all who visited the back porch during November.

J and I will be traveling to Kansas City, tomorrow. It's time for the Nell Hill's opening. I am so excited to see Mary Carol Garrity's new store! I know it is going to be fabulous. I'll take a photo or two and tell you all about it, next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


~O Tannenbaum~

Christmas front porch, 2007

We began decorating for Christmas 2007, on Thanksgiving Day. We've completed the living room, dining room, hearth room, breakfast room, kitchen and front porch. We're still working on the back porch.

These are the only rooms we're decorating, this year.

I made the quilt Saint Nick, about 17 years ago. His coat is from an old tattered quilt. I also made the head piece. His body is muslin, boots felt and his head is a nylon stocking. I embroidered his eyes and added Clinque blush to his cheeks. He hasn't changed much, in all these years.

I'm adding a link to the Christmas 2007 Photobucket album. There is a photo of a "flattie" Santa, sitting on the back porch hearth, that is another piece I made. I believe the date is 1987.

We have collected many Christmas decorations over many years.

Last year, I used Lenox Wintergreetings Everyday on the breakfast room table. The Lenox is in the hearth room cabinet, this year. There are two photos in the album. This year, I'm using Mikasa French Countryside and red ornament dishes, on this table. The napkin rings and other accessories are from the 1980's. This is how the table will be set, when we celebrate Christmas with our family.

I've used a red and white theme in this room, for 2007.

A tree in an urn, in the dining room. I used some of the ornaments from the 10ft tree, we sold at our garage sale. That tree stood in our living room.
I hope to post on Tuesday, with good news of the birth of our precious grandson. Until then, I hope you are enjoying decorating for Christmas, as much as we are!


~Christmas in Historic Saint Charles~

A table in our dining room, decorated for Christmas 2007.

We have begun decking the halls, at our house. We plan to decorate the living room, dining room, kitchen, hearth room and breakfast room. The back porch and front porch will also be decorated, as well as J's "lodge" on the lower level.

The preparations won't be as elaborate, as last year. We have a Holiday visit to Biltmore Estate, in North Carolina, late in December. Therefore, we won't want to come home to lots of Christmas decorations, to dismantle.

We enjoy Christmas in every way! Decorating for the Holidays is a fun hobby for both of us.

Sunday November 18th, we visited Historic South Main Street. We were accompanied by friends, in town for the wedding.
The photo, at left, is one of many gaslights along Main Street.

We're standing on the steps of the gazebo, pictured below.

Two of the decorated windows, along the historic street.

The Vine, looking festive, with pine roping, red bows and umbrellas.

A view down South Main Street, St Charles Missouri, November 2007.

Main Street during a parade, in December 2005. Beginning this weekend, Historic Saint Charles, will be the scene of many festivities, during the Christmas Season.


~Thanksgiving Day~

From our family to yours,
Happy Thanksgiving!

~Goin' to the Chapel~

The big day will soon be here!
Friday will begin very early, for us. We have appointments in the morning. Afterward, we will pick up The Dress and Drew's tux then travel south. We plan to stay "in town" the next two days. Tomorrow evening is the rehearsal and dinner. There are a couple of little surprises for the groom, at dinner, I know he will enjoy!
The wedding is fairly small. Family and long time friends are invited to share in the joy of this extra special day.
Yesterday, J tried on his tux. The Groom was there, too. No pictures of the Groom will be published until next week. I'm sure I'll have a couple of photos of the happy couple.
I thought you might like to see photos of the Bride's "other dad" J, photographed at the tux test. He's not bad lookin' for an old country boy!
When you click on the photos, they should enlarge. The first photo is a focal black and white. You will be able to see the vest color. The vests and ties will look amazing with the eggplant attendant dresses. Drew's tux is black, too. His vest is the same as PopPop's and his G'pa Bump's and the other guys. He will be wearing a bow tie. The big guys are wearing neckties. I can hardly wait to see him all decked out. And those little flower girls are going to be so cute, in their white dresses with eggplant sashes. Bridesmaid Xanti will be beautiful, too. Of course, it goes without saying, the Bride will be gorgeous!

Have a wonderful weekend!


~A Look Back~

~ Christmas Past~
A view of the village in my studio, Christmas 2006.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a visit at a new shop in our town. I couldn't resist the pillow. I'll be writing more about this delightful shop in upcoming posts!

Thanksgiving weekend has been the traditional beginning of Christmas decorating, at our house.

Last year, we began decorating at the end of September, to prepare for a holiday tour, sponsored by our local Garden Club. Proceeds go to a scholarship fund. This involved lots of work. We enjoyed being a part of the tour. We've received our complimentary tickets for the 2007 Garden Club Holiday Home Tour. I can't wait to see the beautiful, Christmas decorated, homes.

This photo:
The console table in our dining room, Christmas 2006.

This photo shows the 10ft tree, we used in our living room, several years. We sold the tree at our recent garage sale. I will use the ornaments on an 8ft, prelit tree, we have in our basement storage.

The tree, at right, is in an upstairs guest room. When we dismantled the decorations, in January, I forgot about this tree! When I cleaned this room, I would notice the tree and make a mental note to take it apart. I soon forgot!
This room has become Mother of the Bride HQ. Each time I brought something up to the room, I would notice the tree and make that mental note again! Finally in mid July, when we were preparing to show our home to a young couple, interested in hiring our builder, I noticed the tree again. I asked J, what should we do about that tree. He said, "It's so near Christmas again, lets just leave it." And that we did.
Our friends, JoAnn and Jim, will be in town for the wedding, this weekend. They will be our overnight guests, Sunday. This is their room. We hope they enjoy this little bit of early, or is it late, Christmas.
I thought you might like a peek at our Christmas storage. This is just a partial view.
The above link will take you to my 2006 Christmas Album at Photobucket.


~Terri's Pumpkin Spice Cake~

While visiting Terri at Lakewood Manor, last week, I discovered this recipe. I baked the cake, this morning. We're giving it a 5 Star rating. We recommend this cake as a great Thanksgiving dessert.

Terri suggested whipped topping instead of icing, if you prefer something less sweet.

I photographed the cake on the console table, in our dining room. I did some "holiday fluffing" over the weekend, changing the table to reflect the upcoming holiday.

***Clicking will enlarge the photo, if you are having trouble reading it. If this doesn't help, let me know. There are 3 eggs in the recipe. "P"



~Wedding Card Receiver~

~Card Gazebo~

When I found the Mikasa figurine, last winter, I had no idea how it would be used for the wedding. I gave some thought to placing it under a cloche, for the guest registry table.
While we were tossing around ideas for a card receiver, I remembered I had this gazebo tucked away in the basement storage area. It was a creamy white and the metal leaves were green and rust. The decision was made to paint the gazebo and stand white. The more I thought about it, the more I could see the Mikasa couple "dancing" in the gazebo. I finished the project, this morning, by adding tulle and preserved leaves. The figurine is secured with florist putty. Cards will be slipped between the columns.


Daniel Boone Home

~Daniel Boone's Missouri home, near Defiance~

Our first Day Trip of J's retirement was a visit to the Daniel Boone Home.

Wednesday November 7, was a perfect fall day, in Missouri. Temperatures were in the 50 degree range and the sun was bright. A beautiful day for a walk around the Daniel Boone Home and grounds.

At the upper right, a photo of resident Tabby. I love Tabby Cats. This one is a beauty and not one bit camera shy.

In this photo, the rear elevation of the Boone home, built between 1803 and 1810, by Daniel and Nathan Boone. Daniel and Rebecca Boone lived in the house until Daniel's death on September 26, 1820.

In recent years, many historic structures have been moved to the property, where a small village is being replicated.

Sappington-Dressel House was built between 1806 and 1812 by Zephaniah Sappington (1751-1857) a son of John Sappington, a contemporary of Daniel Boone in Kentucky. Henry Dressel purchased the house from the Sappingtons in 1887, when Henry's son John was nine months old. John Dressel lived in the house over 100 years. The home was built on Gravois Road near Grant's Farm in South St Louis County.

Mount Hope Schoolhouse was built in St Charles County (MO) on land that was donated to the school in 1837. The building was used as a school house until the 1940's.

~Old Peace Chapel~ The original part of the building was built as a general store in 1844, in New Melle (MO) and modified into a church in 1905 for the German Evangelical Reform congregation.

Another view of Old Peace Chapel showing a gorgeous Maple tree, in all it's fall glory.

A log barn, built in the 19th century. The sheep greeted us, as if they knew I was going to take their picture!

The Schluersburg (MO) Post Office, was built in 1862. It was also used as a shoemaker shop.

This log general store, was moved from the town of Schleursburg, located about 2 miles east of the Boone Home. It was operated for many years by Fritz Von der Brelje.

This is on the back porch of a summer kitchen. I photo-
several structures.
I chose these, to include here, because they are a good representation of what can be found at the Daniel Boone Home. The link, in the first paragraph, will take you to the site, for more information.
We recommend a visit to the Daniel Boone Home.
After a short drive down the beautiful Missouri Weinstrasse (hwy 94), from Defiance, we stopped at Augusta, where we enjoyed a lunch of wine and cheese and even a bit of chocolate at Mount Pleasant Winery .

We sat in this gazebo on the edge of a hill overlooking a Missouri River farm.

Here I am, enjoying a lovely glass of Mount Pleasant Rhineland wine.