~A Visit From Pittypat~

~Pittypat & Pat at All About Home~

Pat arrived, late Monday afternoon. It has been wonderful seeing Pat again, after 2 years. She was our guest, at the lake, during our 45th high school reunion, in 2006. Aunt Ruth was our other dinner guest, Monday evening. We four had a great time sitting around the dining room table, enjoying dinner and lively conversation.
We spent the last couple of days, sitting on the back porch talking and eating and talking and eating etc etc!
Tuesday evening we drove through Cuivre River State Park, before having dinner at Stefanina's.
Today, just before Pat continued her journey to her sister's home, we had lunch at Oddfellows, shopped at All About Home and took the tour of the old IOOF hall, on the upper floor of the building, where Oddfellows and All About Home are located.
Lunch was fabulous, as usual. Pat and I made a little purchase at the shop, naturally.
Aunt Pittypat's name has nothing to do with Gone With the Wind. Her sister began calling her Pittypat, many years ago. When she became an aunt, the name evolved.

Above, a couple of Fall vignettes at All About Home.
A daytime shot of Stefanina's, formerly Sacred Heart Church. This building was constructed after fire destroyed the original church in the 1950's.
During the 1990's the building was sold and a new church building was constructed, nearer the highway, in 1996.
A portrait of Stefanina.
J and Pat looking at the first communion photo, seen in an earlier post. When the restaurant opened, the owners asked for photographs and other Sacred Heart memorabilia. We donated the photo of J's first communion class. The photos and other things are displayed throughout the establishment.
A collage of the restaurant. The "chef" is standing in what was once a confessional. A few of the many donated photographs can be seen on the wall to the right.

We're making a quick trip to the lake, early tomorrow (Thursday). I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you, when we return.
Have a wonderful weekend.