~Company is Coming~

Fall officially arrives in a little less than a month. However, I've chosen to begin Fall, at our house, today!
Our friend Pat is coming from Wisconsin, for a visit with us, on her way to a family reunion.
Pat and I met in junior high school, 1955. We were in band together, both playing French Horn. My friend, JoAnn, also played French Horn. Since Fall was an extra special time of year, when we were in school, I've decided to "rush the season", for Pat's visit.
In 1955, September brought the beginning of the school year, the day after Labor Day. Falling leaves rustled underfoot earlier in those days. We enjoyed football games on Friday night, performing in half time shows. Coney Islands at Vern's Malt Shop and other memories come to mind. It seems September air was cooler and crisper, then.
Pat signs her comments, here at the back porch, Aunt Pittypat. I've heard the story behind the name and will have Pat refresh my memory, while she's here, so I can tell you all, how she became Aunt Pittypat. I'm not certain, but there may be a connection to Gone With the Wind.
Our home seems to sing, when dressed for Fall.
The menu is planned. This table setting and center piece will be used.
One evening we'll have Maureen's Linguini with Clam sauce and Miss Mari-Nanci's Peach Dump Cake, with vanilla ice cream.
A lunch at Oddfellows is on our list and Pizza at Stefinina's. We'll show Pat our town and countryside, sit on the porch and patio, with oldies playing in the background and reminisce about the "old days". We'll also talk about our grandchildren, of course.
Pumpkins everywhere!
Including a red one, too!
A comfortable chair, a good light for reading, and a soft throw for the knees. Aunt Pittypat's room, awaits.

A couple of books and an apple.
A Catherine Holman notecard, framed and sitting on the small oak desk beside the bed.
J thanks you all for the birthday greetings! He's enjoying the day!

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Design Alert!
I'm adding this note, because I've just returned from a visit to Designs By Gollum blog.
I've been reading "Gollum's" blog, since she began publishing, earlier this year. If you haven't visited, I encourage you to do so, as soon as possible. She writes an amazing blog and has a design sense out of this world! Just wait until you read where she finds many of her furnishings. You won't believe it! Fabulous!