~A White Rose~

This gorgeous white rose is the Pope John Paul II Commemorative Rose. For more about this rose visit this Jackson and Perkins site.

As we were leaving for the lake, Tuesday morning, we stopped by Sacred Heart Church. As I approached the garden, the sweet fragrance of this lovely rose, greeted me.

A few years ago, J and his brothers gave this statue to the parish, in memory of their parents and brother. J's parents came to Sacred Heart Parish, over 60 years ago.

The white rose garden was designed and planted by parishoners of Sacred Heart.

This fellow finds the rose as lovely as we do!

We're spending a few days at our lake place. It's rained here, since Tuesday night. A gentle rain. No lightning or thunder. We're enjoying having the sliding doors, to the deck, open. The temperatures are cooler. There is a definite hint of Autumn, in the air.
I'm so appreciative of the wonderful response to the Nesting post. I have a couple of little Fall projects, here at the lake, I hope to tell you about soon.


Mrs. B said...

Hi Pat! Those roses are beautiful! I love white roses, but mine never seem to look good for long. Hope you are having a great time at the lake!

Sharon said...

The roses are so beautiful.
We are having a cool down also. It was a bit severe tho, 90 days to 65
and then it has been down in the low 40's at night. It is great sleeping at night with some windows open.We are not getting any moisture, which we could really use.
Have a great time at the lake. Hope you take lots of photos.

nikkicrumpet said...

White roses have always been my favorite...they are so beautiful!

dana said...

What a great gift to the church!

The roses are a joy to all who enter that spot--the "praying mantis" couldn't have picked a more perfect time to climb up on that rose--he was just waiting for you!

Have a great lake weekend. Dana

Shelia said...

Afternoon, Pat! Oh, I hope you have a lovely time at your condo. It's a little cooler here too and the humidity is not so high.

Can't wait to see your projects!
Thanks for popping in to see my Falling around!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Afternoon, Pat! Oh, I hope you have a lovely time at your condo. It's a little cooler here too and the humidity is not so high.

Can't wait to see your projects!
Thanks for popping in to see my Falling around!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Oh, I meant to tell you ~ the white roses are just glorious! What a wonderful way to be greeted as you go into church! Hallelujah!

Continue to be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Deb said...

Hi Pat! The roses and statue are beautiful. I didn't have a chance yesterday to view your Nesting post but I just finished it and I loved it. Your Master Bedroom is beautiful and your cabinet turn out great. I love the fabric you chose, I really love your taste. Deb

Rue said...

That rose is gorgeous Pat! How sweet that the statue was given to the church in honor of J's parents. It's a wonderful way to remember them.


paintergal said...

Beautiful roses!
Hasn't the cooler weather been wonderful? Love it!

Nancy said...

Hi Pat, The Roses are beautiful! Enjoy your time at the lake. Blessings, nancy

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Yes, we have fall in the air now here in Michigan too!! And. . .I'm. . . LOVING IT!!! :)



Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Pat,
Hope you have a wonderful time at your lake home.

The white rose is beautiful.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Those roses are beautiful. Another rose to my list of "must haves".

Mandie said...

Those roses look beautiful! I wish I could smell them. I can't wait for it to cool down here some. I can't wait for fall

Brenda said...

Pat, love the photos. The statue is so pretty.

French said...

Your pictures never cease to amaze me! Beautiful! French;)

Amber said...

Pat, the roses are stunning! So classic and beautiful. My favorite rose is a J&P rose I bought several years ago, called Veteran's Honor. I planted it outside our bedroom window. I do love a rose with personal significance. What a lovely tribute to have the statue and roses at the parish!

So glad to see you and your man out enjoying live, healthy and well!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Just breathtaking, Pat!

Picket said...

Morning Pat! Gorgeous roses girl & what a beautiful tribute the statue is to your hubby's parents...I loved your Fall nesting & I can't wait to see what you've been doing...have a great weekend sweetie & enjoy your time at the lake!

Steph said...

The roses are beautiful. I thought it was a wonderful idea to put them next to the statue your family donated! When the roses were planted the school had a huge assembly outside and the nursery who put them in (they have students at SH) did a wonderful job teaching us about roses in general. These particular roses were wonderful to learn about!! (unfortunately the one I got died--I don't have much of a green thumb!!) Loved the post!!

auntpittypat said...

Your pictures of the roses are gorgeous. If I close my eyes their glorious fragrance comes back to me. I'm so glad I got to visit the spot of remembrance.

Enjoy the lake!

Judy said...

That has got to be the most gorgeous rose I've ever seen!


salmagundi said...

That's a beautiful white rose. I must remember that name when I plant another rose next Spring. Thanks for the tour. Sally

The Decorated House said...

Hey Pat~
What a beautiful garden area with the wonderful statue. An loving gift surrounded by such a stunning rose.

In need to some destressing, what do I find but your nesting pictures in the last post. They were so much fun to see! Every last one.

I see all that rain that headed up that way from here. Hope you are all dry!

The Decorated House said...

Oh and I LOVE that fabric! How many times have I held it in my hands? LOL
Only I was concerned if I bought it, I would redo a whole room!

Shelia said...

Hi Pat! Woo Hoo!! You did it! You look absolutely gorgeous and I'll have you up in no time!
Thanks for coming by!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jeanne said...

Hello Pat, The John Paul roses are stunning. You have some great detailed photos as well.

Thank you for showing them to us and have a great weekend. LOL. Everyday is the weekend when you are vacationing on a beautiful lake.
Hugs, Jeanne

dec0r8or said...

Oh! PRettY! I can smell it from here, Pat! Love the shapes of the petals...different!

J Leigh said...

Beautiful white roses! We had a little friend such as that make his way in our home and give us all quite a goose chase trying to get him safely outdoors....alas a piece of cheese cloth prevailed!

meggie said...

That rose is just perfection! Nothing compares to nature's beauty.

bj said...

Well, Mizz Pat...I just saw you in a ........BATHROOM !! Haha..I loved it !
Isn't this blogging a real hoot !
love, bj

bj said...

Oh,I got so excited about you being a Bathroom Diva, I forgot to mention how much I love the white favorite.

Lisa said...

The roses are so appropriate aren't they. They look so pure and perfect. All I can say is WOW!! We went to St. L 2 days ago. Horrible rain, bad wreck, on I70 for over an hour crawling thru St. Charles.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Pat . I really like the statue J and his brothers gave to the church in memory.
Congrats on becoming A Diva!!!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

What a beautiful rose! It truly is lovely.
I loved all your nesting photos as well. The fabric on the back of that cabinet looks wonderful! You've inspired me to do the same to an old china hutch I needs something to relieve the starkness of it. Great tip - thanks!


cityfarmer said...

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo