~Creating a Space for Creating~


What I did on my break…


I rarely leave home without my black framed glasses and day planner.


Two special paperweights.


My space to create was in a corner of J’s lodge, on the lower level, until last Spring when I purchased a new computer.  I thought about making my new space in the bonus room/studio on the upper level. 

In the end, I decided I wanted my desk in the bay window of the master bedroom. 

For a look at the 2009 master bedroom makeover, click HERE.

Easter weekend, I corralled a kid or two to bring a small harvest table up from the lodge.  Eldest daughter set up my new computer.  That was as far as I got in organizing the bay window into a space to create, until this week.

Whether it is approaching Fall or something else, I’ve had an urge to do a bit of nesting the last week or two.


I moved the desk over a couple of feet, from where it was centered on the bay, added a lamp, leftover from the condo master bedroom redo, brought a small trunk in and an oak split basket for magazines. The basket was made by a Missouri artisan, several years ago.  The trunk and basket are good pieces for storage and they help hide cords and cables. 

After adding a few accessories and necessities, the space is complete



I bought the small footstool at an old Welcome Home store, to use in our truck, for my feet, when I had a foot injury, about 5 years ago. 

When my foot healed I re-covered the stool in burlap for use at my desk.



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