~Lakeside Lunch~


Our daughter spent some time in Taiwan, for work, recently.  T has done lots of traveling to places around the world, but this trip was the longest flight.  She did okay on the trip there, but when she returned home, she had quite a problem with “jet lag”.  When we drove to the lake, early Sunday, T decided to follow us down for a couple of relaxing days at the condo.

While she was at the lake, I prepared the lunch, featured in this post. 

This is my contribution for Foodie Friday.


 Tomatoes, from our daughter’s garden, fresh Basil from potted plants on our back porch, and Mozzarella Cheese from Trader Joe’s.

lunch2 Lunch ingredients from Trader Joe’s.


I usually make my own sauces for pasta.  This time, wanting to spend less time in the kitchen, I tried Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Marinara.  This sauce is delicious.  I will buy it again.

I added sauteed mushrooms and grated cheese.


As I type, it is Monday afternoon.  The temperature is a delightful 81; great for deck sitting and dining.

Happy Weekend!