~Studying in Black & White~


Tuesday morning, bright and early; the truck is loaded with tables, chairs, baskets, bits and pieces, for the trip home. 

The table and chairs are on their way to our daughter. 

Other things will go to “Mom’s Basement Boutique”, at home, for further consideration.


J, fishing in Minnesota 2002.  The two of us at Cape Hatteras, during our road trip down the Outer Banks, in 2005. 

It’s time to update the larger of two guest rooms, at the condo.

Snapshot memories will be used. 

Perhaps I’ll use the bedding from the master bedroom redo; a blue and white quilt and shams. 

While we are home, I’ll continue to study, in black and white and color, the possibilities for the redo.


A rustic lakeside retreat, is what I have in mind.



Some things will stay…


…some things will go.


The TV armoire is definitely staying.


New paint for this shelf.


Bye Bye Birdie…


…faux oars too.

I painted the Gull and oars, several years ago…time for change.

So there you have it; another makeover in the making.


Doctor appointments, this week.  Hoping for good news about  J’s pro time numbers, among other things.

If all goes well, we’ll make a stop at Trader Joe’s while in the outskirts of the big city.  I enjoy our trips to Trader Joe’s after our medical appointments.  Like sugar, it always “makes the medicine go down in a most delightful way”.

Family gathering for a good cause, this coming weekend.  More about that in an upcoming post.


Tuesday Evening

Had a call, a little while ago, from youngest daughter.  She’s felt under the weather a couple days. 

She’s been advised to go to ER; possible Appendicitis. Will let you all know how things are, when I know more.

Thoughts and prayers much appreciated.



Tuesday Night

Thank you for your continued good thoughts and prayers. 

M is home.  The test for Appendicitis was okay. She has been given something for pain.  They say it may be a virus. If she isn’t feeling better by Thursday or Friday, she will have a CT Scan.

She has had some troublesome health issues, over the years. 

I am optimistic this will turn out okay.

As mother’s we never stop worrying about our children, even when they are grown up, with children of their own.