~Studying in Black & White~


Tuesday morning, bright and early; the truck is loaded with tables, chairs, baskets, bits and pieces, for the trip home. 

The table and chairs are on their way to our daughter. 

Other things will go to “Mom’s Basement Boutique”, at home, for further consideration.


J, fishing in Minnesota 2002.  The two of us at Cape Hatteras, during our road trip down the Outer Banks, in 2005. 

It’s time to update the larger of two guest rooms, at the condo.

Snapshot memories will be used. 

Perhaps I’ll use the bedding from the master bedroom redo; a blue and white quilt and shams. 

While we are home, I’ll continue to study, in black and white and color, the possibilities for the redo.


A rustic lakeside retreat, is what I have in mind.



Some things will stay…


…some things will go.


The TV armoire is definitely staying.


New paint for this shelf.


Bye Bye Birdie…


…faux oars too.

I painted the Gull and oars, several years ago…time for change.

So there you have it; another makeover in the making.


Doctor appointments, this week.  Hoping for good news about  J’s pro time numbers, among other things.

If all goes well, we’ll make a stop at Trader Joe’s while in the outskirts of the big city.  I enjoy our trips to Trader Joe’s after our medical appointments.  Like sugar, it always “makes the medicine go down in a most delightful way”.

Family gathering for a good cause, this coming weekend.  More about that in an upcoming post.


Tuesday Evening

Had a call, a little while ago, from youngest daughter.  She’s felt under the weather a couple days. 

She’s been advised to go to ER; possible Appendicitis. Will let you all know how things are, when I know more.

Thoughts and prayers much appreciated.



Tuesday Night

Thank you for your continued good thoughts and prayers. 

M is home.  The test for Appendicitis was okay. She has been given something for pain.  They say it may be a virus. If she isn’t feeling better by Thursday or Friday, she will have a CT Scan.

She has had some troublesome health issues, over the years. 

I am optimistic this will turn out okay.

As mother’s we never stop worrying about our children, even when they are grown up, with children of their own.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Best of luck with the doctor appointments...

Gentle hugs...

Cindy Rand said...

Look forward to seeing you makeover!
Best wishes for great test results for J!:-) And have a fun time at Trader Joes!! Love that store!

thestonerabbit said...

You are just a decorating "ball of fire"!! Will you PLEASE send some of that energy across the state to ME!! :) I know your redo will be wonderful. . . and I'd LOVE to take a peek at "Mom's Basement Boutique".

Best wishes to J on his doc's appt....hope the numbers come back great!!!

Keep cool! L, Dana

Sharon said...

Good luck at the dr for J.
enjoyed the photos, can't wait to see the redo.
Have fun at Trader Joe's.

Stephanie said...

I KNOW the decorating will come out great! Hope the dr's appointment does the same - keeping our fingers and toes crossed!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

A rustic lakeside retreat is just the look I'm striving for. I will be sure to get some inspiration from your upcoming redo.

Saying a prayer that all goes well with the doctor appointments.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

A rustic lakeside retreat is just the look I'm striving for. I will be sure to get some inspiration from your upcoming redo.

Saying a prayer that all goes well with the doctor appointments.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

So artistic, your images in black and white. Change is good. And food does make the "medicine go down" quite nicely!

Lynn said...

Your photo's are great! I am just not alive if I am not redo-ing areas around my casita!

Helen said...

My Trader Joe trips are some of my most favorite outings .... and I don't have to travel very far to have them. Good luck with test results!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Prayers for a good report for J at the doctor. You certainly keep yourself busy with all of these projects!

xinex said...

I cannot wait to see your guest room redo, Pat. I hope your dh's pro time test comes out ok...Christine

Shelia said...

HI Dear Pat!! Oh, what a study!! I'm trying to learn from you - 'cause you're the best!
Can't wait to see your next makeover. Have fun with your family this weekend and will be praying for J's appointment to all work out well.
My daughter sings the praises of Trader Joe's. I've never been in one.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Pat, can't wait to see another makeover. I did not know you were artistic, too. That artwork you did is wonderful.

Terri said...

Oooo! Fun! Another makeover in the making! I hope the doc appt go well. I love Trader Joes. We used to get a wine that Bob called Two Buck Chuck (who knows, maybe that was its real name!) that wasn't bad for $2! Have fun!

sharin said...

Prayers already said for your youngest. I hope she gets well soon. keep us posted.

Prayers for J's #s, too.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes - Your daughter has my thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well for her and J.
I know about "Mom's boutique" - my daughter calls it "Shopping at Mom's" :D Next trip to Franklin, I plan on going to TJ's in Brentwood.

Southern Lady said...

So sorry to hear about your daughter, Pat. I will remember her in my prayers, and hope that J will get a good report from his doctor. I'll be thinking of you ... please keep us posted.

Babs said...

Pat, You are such an inspiration! I love your decorating ideas and can't wait to see the finished room. I'll remember you and your family in my prayers. God bless.


I will say a special prayer for her tonight. Hope all turns out well.


Cindy said...

Your lake side condo cottage is getting prettier by the day. I love seeing what you have done. You have outdone yourself with that mstr bedroom redo, though. I have been thinking about it ever since.
Hope all is well with your daughter.
Love and prayers,
Cindy S

Patty said...

I love your beach condo! Can't ait to watch the makeover! Good luck at the Dr appointments and I hope your daughter is OK.

NanaDiana said...

Saying a prayer for your whole family...your daughter, your husband and YOU! I believe that most of us women are the ones that hold our families together in times of stress and the unknown. Bless you, my friend Diana

Mary Lou said...

Pat, I love coming to your blog. It's always so inspiring.
I'm praying for your hubby and daughter but mostly for you.
Can't wait to see the redo.

Rowan said...

I do hope that your daughter feels better soon and that it is nothing more than a virus. Hope J's appointment goes well too. At least you have the redo to occupy your mind while waiting. You are certainly right about us never stopping worrying about our children :)

Southern Lady said...

Pat, I'm glad to hear M is all right, and hope it is just a virus and she will be feeling much better soon.

cityfarmer said...

your black and white study ..... gets and A+

... camera work gets better and better each and every time I visit here.

blessings, Pat

Carolyn said...

Pat, I just had a chance to read your post and will be praying for J's results to be good. Will also keep M in my prayers for complete recovery.

Karen Deborah said...

Your certainly right about our "kids" whatever their ages are. So what color is the shelf? It has such a nice finish I'd be askeered to paint it. You are a brave soul with changing things. You have so many very nice things to enjoy!

Kathleen said...

First we worry about them as children, then as adults, then we worry about out grandkids. Always a mother, and father!
I hope all will be well.
I admire your constant updating. I moved into this new house 9 yrs ago, and the upstairs bedrooms have never changed! I guess it is time. Sometimes I find I don't like what I have updated as much as the old!
In the process of redecorating the den. Wish you were near to give me some advice! It is a difficult room! Everything is going. After looking at furniture I decided on reupholstery. It is certainly not cheaper, but at least the furniture is of better quality than what I have seen!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I do so hope that your dear daughter is on the mend.

Your black and white images are so lovely!

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Prayers for your husband and daughter. You're a beautiful lady and an inspiration to me.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Goodness Pat, I will say prayers that they quickly find out what is causing your daughter's problems and that it is not anything serious.

Your photos are wonderful. You really ARE an artist! I didn't realize that you also paint. I can't believe you are getting rid of your gull and oars paintings. Hopefully they will be re-used some place else. They are charming. laurie