Berry bowls and saucers in Miss America Depression Glass

Last Saturday we found Fox & Hounds Antiques, just outside Camdenton, Missouri. It's a wonderful shop, housed in a barn behind the shopkeepers' home, along a rural road in the Ozarks. Everything is in excellent condition and displayed beautifully. There is a wide variety of glassware, dinnerware, textiles, framed pictures and paper memorabilia from times gone by. We plan to visit Fox & Hounds, again!

I found four berry bowls and four saucers in the Depression Glass pattern, Miss America (pink). They were carefully wrapped in newspaper and nestled in a heavy paper bag. I was very careful with the package during our drive home. I was so relieved to arrive without any breakage. Then, when I was about to set the bag on the big table in the breakfast room, it slipped from my hand!! I quickly unwrapped everything. Each piece was unbroken, until I got to the last saucer!! Yes, it was shattered! I know I will find another saucer, but I was so disappointed to have broken this one!

The day before we found Fox & Hounds Antiques, we visited Antique Memories in Osage Beach, Missouri. This shop is set up in sections, with different sellers in each section. We've visited this shop several times. We found the round table for our back porch there, in December 06. We enjoy exploring different sections. Each one unique.

At Antique Memories, I found the cloche on a stand. It was in a section selling "cottage style" items. I haven't decided how to display the cloche, yet. I like the Salt & Pepper shakers, shown in the first photo. I bought the shakers several years ago at an auction. I might just keep them under the cloche.

This flatware is also from Antique Memories. Our plan is to make a wind chime. We have a spoon wind chime in the ornamental pear tree by our patio. They sound very pretty. We hope for success with our new project.