A Garage Sale and a List

As we were leaving, this morning, we noticed a garage sale on the next street. J has been looking for a chest of drawers or some such, to put in the basement back room, for his work/knock around clothes. I think this chest of drawers is too cute for the basement back room. Don't you? I can see this little beauty all painted up in a cottagey way. Great for sewing, quilting supplies, yarn or art supplies. The possibilities are practically endless. I love the spinning wheel. The chest was part of a bedroom set, that belonged to the seller's parents, when they were first married. When J went back to pick it up, this afternoon, he met the original owner. The chest is probably 50 years old.

While J was negotiating the price of the chest, I wandered into the garage. Look what I found! I've been looking for a child size table and chairs for several months. With a little work and paint, this will be perfect for Gabi and Drew's visits to G'ma and Pop Pop's house.

Charlotte, from House Wren Studio, has tagged me for a list of 7 facts about myself. Thank you Charlotte! I enjoyed reading your list.
Here goes:
1. I've read all of Agatha Christie's books. Many, more than once. I could read them all again, except perhaps, Endless Night. I thought that one was a bit of a departure from her usual books, almost like Stephen King's work. I've read most of his books, too. When I read Agatha Christie, I like to sip a cup of Earl Grey Tea.
2. I enjoy watching many TV shows from Great Britain. Especially, As Time Goes By. Another one I enjoy is Keeping Up Appearances. Those are fun, no matter how many times I see them. My latest passion is Midsomer Murders.
3. In 1970, I began acylic painting classes and belonged to the St Charles Artists Guild. I showed paintings in group shows. I painted for several years, then stopped. I gave away most of my work. In recent years, I've done a few murals or other decorative painting in homes and businesses. My latest painting, a sail boat, hangs at our lake place. Our wedding date is printed on the sails. I've done two little wall paintings there, as well. A Gull and a grouping of brightly colored oars, that appear to be leaning against the wall, in one of the guest rooms. I've also painted and donated work to be raffled at our local Relay For Life. I believe I'm proudest of those paintings.
4. When my three daughters were small, I sewed most of their clothes. And made almost all their Barbies' clothes.
5. While living in a rural setting from 1973 to 2003, I helped haul hay, round up stray livestock, build and mend fence, can or otherwise preserve food for our table and experienced other adventures of rural living.
6. When I was growing up, I churned butter for Granny, on some Saturdays. For this, I was given a quarter to go to the show, Saturday afternoon. That was enough for admission and a treat. Can you imagine that? Those really were the days!
7. I'm from the hills and hollers of the beautiful Ozarks. According to Ozark lore, it will come as no surprise, I am a barefoot girl. I rarely wear shoes. I wear sandals, when I leave the house, almost every month of the year. I only give in to shoes, when the snow flies.
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