Open Cabinet & Dish Answers & MRI Update

Above grid includes photos of Mother's cabinet, open. This section holds a few bowls from sales, Granny's red candy dish (tucked into the right front corner of the top left photo) and J's Grandma's bowl (lower left photo). She always served mashed potatoes in this bowl. It came to us with a tiny hairline crack, making it even more precious. The stack of 5 small painted plates, next to J's Grandma's bowl, are from Fox and Hounds Antiques. Eventually, I hope to hang them in the "cottagey" guest room. There are several sets of stemmed glassware. All in sets of 4. The lower section of the cabinet holds a variety of plates and accessories I use for tablescapes. The dining room table seats 4. When the family is here, we serve meals at the farmhouse table in the breakfast room or serve buffet style.

Mother bought the cabinet from a good friend. They worked together as nurses and were close friends away from work. When her friend moved to a smaller home, she sold several pieces of furniture. Mother had the cabinet in her home until she moved to an assisted living apartment. I had no idea the cabinet was to be mine. What a wonderful surprise gift!

Ellen asked about the garden by the dining room window. We have Spirea, Liriope around a white Dogwood tree, Holly, Boxwood and red Azaleas. There are pots of red Impatiens around the fountain. The berm,
by the edge of the front yard, can be seen from the dining room. Among the plants there, are Stella D'Oro Lilies, Fountain Grass and a clump River Birch.

Betty Jo asked about the green plate in the three tier stand, on the island. I bought that plate and three others at Marshalls, to use with dark red plates at Christmas. I don't think it has a stamp or other identifying mark. They are just Marshalls bargains.

J got the results of the latest MRI, this afternoon. It showed a torn Rotator Cuff. He will call his Surgeon, on Monday, for an appointment. This is the same Surgeon who did his previous Rotator Cuff surgery, three years ago. Will give an update when we hear from him. Thanks, so much, to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.