Mary Carol Garrity Collection & Dining Room Update

My Granny sold milk, butter and eggs, for "spending money". I don't have a cow or chickens. It's times like these, they might come in handy! The Nell Hill's trip was several months in the planning. I began putting aside "spending money", when this adventure was still in the planning stages. To quote Martha, "it's a good thing".

The quilt in one of the photos, is for grandson, Drew. It's from the Blackwater event. Other things are from Nell Hill's and the Arrow Rock garden event, last weekend.

This photo shows, the two tiered stand from Nell Hill's. It holds a birds nest, from my 2005 Nell Hill's trip. The eggs and card are from the Arrow Rock garden event. The other items on the table have been collected over time. The chair is the little ladderback "mule ear" chair, I wrote about in an earlier post, about Fox Fire books and White Oak split basketry. We found the table at a country auction near Marthasville, MO about 20 years ago. The table sits beside the fireplace in the hearth room.

Mother's cabinet sits in the corner. I bought the three Lenox pieces, sitting on the cabinet, at the Osage Beach Lenox outlet store, when it was closing a few years ago. Great sale! I put together the table vignette yesterday, using things from around the house. I've since removed the cloche. I change the table vignette several times a year.

Before yesterday, there was a round mirror and sconces above the wine buffet. These prints have been used in other rooms. I love to change out rooms by relocating pieces, from other rooms. The glass piece, holding lemons, is from the 2007 Nell Hill's "shopping spree". It's from the new Mary Carol Collection. I've had the other pieces on the buffet for awhile. I found them at Evergreen, at Osage Beach, MO. Another favorite place to visit.

Views from the dining room window. I prefer leaving the windows bare.

My friend Lacy, told me about a sale at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. I bought this sign and another that says, Back Porch.
At Arrow Rock, we met the owner of L&L Home Goods & Gifts. His shops are located in Arrow Rock and Kansas City, MO. His KC shop is located in the same shopping center, where the new Nell Hill's will open Fall '07. This center is the home of several local shops. I think this is a wonderful concept. No chain stores, just locally owned shops. I'm looking forward to a visit, someday soon.
I'll be photographing and writing more, as I find homes for the new Mary Carol pieces.