We had a wonderful time at the St Charles Library, Friends of the Library Book Fair, last Friday. The photos show some of the over 40 books we purchased. I bought several "fund raiser" cookbooks, which are among my favorites, because they are filled with tried and true homecooking recipes. J found a set of 18 books about fish and fishing. These are beautifully photographed books. Biographies, Dictionaries, Decorating books and a copy of Tom Sawyer to revisit, after 50 years, are some of the other books, we brought home. The total cost, for many hours of entertainment, was less than $1, per book! Time spent at the fair, with family, priceless!
While J was wandering around the fair, he happened to meet this young lady! I don't know what he was about to say to her, when I snapped this photo, but I do remember what she was saying to me. "Grandma, do you know, you are probably the only person here with a camera?"
After the book fair, J and I met Xanti and our eldest daughter, Terrie, at Miss Aimee B's Tea Room and Marketplace.

While waiting for our table, we browsed the Marketplace, where J took this photo of Miss Priss and her dear old G'ma!

The Veil Shop, located in a vintage home, is a short drive from Miss Aimee B's. While J napped on the front porch, the Bride, who was her Granny's Princess, placed an order for her beautiful veil and tried various head pieces. That's the top of her head, no photos of the Bride until the day of the wedding! The top knot is a faux piece, the shop owner placed in T's hair. Terrie has very thick curly hair and will not be needing extra hair pieces. She plans to wear her hair up, for the wedding.
While her Aunt, the Bride, was trying veils, the Bridesmaid, who is a Princess, tried on tiara's. "Look, Grandma, I finally have my crown!"

A perfect end to a fine day! Sunset, as we crossed Bagnell Dam, Lake of the Ozarks.