Chair, Cornfield & Creek

Our landscaping and gardens have been under construction three years. We moved into our home in December 2003. We had a completely blank canvas, to work with. Spring 2004 marked the beginning of seeding and sodding the lawn. Several beds were constructed, using stone we brought from the farm. Working in these gardens has helped J adapt to caring for a 1/2 acre lot, as compared to farming 110 acres. In other words, it's given him "something to do".

The photos show the front elevation of our home. The front door, with a summer basket filled with silks.
The little chair from Alton, IL holds a pot of salmon colored Geraniums. They wait for the Daylilies to bloom!
The tricycle plant stand, sits beside the back porch steps. The white fence, bordering the property and our next door neighbor's yard and gardens are in the background.

Spirea and Knockout roses beside the back porch steps.

Hosta, Coralbells, Ornamental Grass and Anemone, under the hearth room window.

A welcome sign hangs in the creekside garden, at the back of our property. The ground behind the sign has been left to grow wild. Along the white fence, Daylilies and Hydrangea.

This photo shows our neighbor's cornfield. A beautiful view from the creekside garden, back porch and patio.

The Honeysuckle once grew on a dead tree. Eventually the tree fell. The vine is now supported by an iron trellis. This is a wet weather creek. There are Ornamental Grasses and Daylilies, planted here. Several small volunteer Redbud, grow here as well. The remainder of the creek bank is left wild.

Molly stands beside the creekside garden. A statue of St Francis sits in the birdbath. In the background, the creek and our home.

Lilies growing in the creekside garden.

Soon, I hope to have more photos, when the Hydrangea, Daylilies and other plants begin to bloom.