The Flower Girl

Today we met the Bride at the Wedding Shoppe. Her dress had arrived and it was time for a preview. It is beautiful! You see a tiny bit of it, in the background of the photos above. This young lady, granddaughter Gabi, is one of the Flower Girls. She is taking this honor very seriously! Like her cousin Xanti, she can't resist trying on a tiara, when given the chance. She is a princess in training.

In these photos are flowers in colors to be used for the wedding. I took these photos at a bridal show in January. T's bouquet will include an antique hydrangea, in honor of her paternal grandmother. There will be something in honor of her maternal grandmother, also.
My mother of the bride and rehearsal dresses, shoes and accessories, have been purchased. J will be wearing a tux, so getting his wedding attire together was very easy!
The colors are eggplant, mixed with colors of autumn and a little accent of lime. Hydrangea, roses, callalilies and seed pods are among the flowers to be used.
This is a happy and exciting time for our family.
Thanks to all who stopped by the back porch during the month of June!
We plan to celebrate the 4th of July at the lake. We'll be leaving this evening or early tomorrow. I'll "talk" to you all when we return.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Independence Day!!