Summertime Walk & Lunch on the Patio

Just before noon, we walked around the gardens. This Daylily, in the side garden, is the only one blooming. We saw lots of buds. I can hardly wait to see them blooming around the little chair.
Queen Anne's Lace, growing near the creek. This is one of my favorite wildflowers.

Lilies, growing in the garden next to the creek. The background photo is Hosta, in bloom, next to the patio. There are still no blooms on the Hydrangea near the white fence. The Daylilies there have buds, but no blooms.
The Endless Summer Hydrangea, next to the patio have no blooms. They are late blooming, because of late frost this spring.
After our walk, we returned to the patio, for a delicious nutritious lunch of Rootbeer Floats. We were very health conscious, using no sugar added vanilla ice cream and Fitz's Diet Root Beer. They were very tasty, but we decided, next time we will throw caution to the wind and use regular Fitz's Root Beer and heavy duty vanilla ice cream!
Fitz's is bottled in St Louis. It has an interesting story, you might like to read.
Andrea, at Southern Heart, has tagged me to a list of "Southern Thangs". I was born in southern Missouri. While not the "deep south", southern Missouri is sometimes considered part of "the south". There are indeed many similarities. I've also lived in Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana and my father was born and raised in Texas.
1. Southern ladies never "sweat", they develop a "glow".
2. Hoe Cakes are an honorable substitute for unsweetened cornbread.
3. Both my "southern" grandmothers never left the house without make up. Make up being a good moisturizing lotion, Granny's was Italian Balm, a dab of rouge to cheeks, a tad bit of lipstick, and a tad bit of powder. I believe Nanny used the same technique. I try to keep that "tradition", only my make up takes longer to apply and I use more stuff.
4. Wilted Lettuce (salad)
5. Afternoon naps
6. Dinner is the noon meal, supper is the evening meal.
I tried to think of a few that haven't been mentioned. I'm sure when I publish I will think of more.
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