Surgery Update & Room With a View

You are correct...this is not St Luke's Hospital! *********************************************
We arrived at St Luke's Hospital, as scheduled, yesterday morning. They were ready to take J to surgery at 9:30 AM, an hour before he was scheduled.

We were prepared for an overnight stay, at least. What a surprise, when the Surgeon called at 1 pm, to tell me J had done so well, in surgery, he would be going home in a few hours.

J has heart disease and we're never sure how long his hospital stay will be, after surgery. This is the first time, in several years, he was able to leave same day.

Just before we were to leave the hospital, we heard a level 2 weather advisory for the hospital. We were told this is a tornado warning and no one would be allowed to leave until the all clear. It turned out to be only a severe thunderstorm. We were on our way, a little after 4 PM. Rush hour, Highway 40 style, was commencing.

Instead of driving home, we decided to stay at the hotel I had booked, in case J stayed overnight at the hospital. His shoulder was numb and he was still floating on a thin cloud of anethesia. Having not eaten since Sunday evening, J was quite hungry.

This photo is the view from our 10th floor room, looking east, toward St Louis, on Hwy 40.

We had a lovely dinner at Stoney River, adjacent to the hotel. The atmosphere was wonderful. Very quiet, dark interiors and jazz playing in the background. Much better than dinner at the hospital, don't you think?

J has had a good first day. He will return to the Surgeon on Monday, the 25th of June. We'll go from there. We're hoping for some time at the lake, during his recovery and rehab.

Thank you to everyone, for your kind thoughts and prayers!