~Random Lake Photos and a Random List~

This is one of my favorite scenes at the lake. I took this photo, around 6:30 AM, Sunday morning, just above Walk On The Water Church, off Highway 54, Osage Beach, Missouri.

A public beach and boat access area, inside Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

A view of Bagnell Dam. This photo was taken just up the Osage River from the dam, at a boat access, Sunday at around 8:30AM.

The Osage River from Highway 54 bridge. In the distance on the right side of the photo, you see Bagnell Dam.
We took a drive, at sunrise, yesterday morning. I took approximately 30 photos and chose these to post, since they are a pretty good representation of what we saw.
I'm seriously researching DSLR cameras. I think I might be able to make a new camera decision, soon. I seem to have this ever growing interest in photography and hope to improve my skills.

Last week, I was challenged to a list of random facts, by JoAnna from the home schooling blogging community and Mary from Across the pond.
1. I took my first train ride, during September 1943. I was less than 6 weeks old. The trip began in Lebanon , Missouri. Our destination was Dallas, Texas. In those days, there were chefs aboard most trains. The chef on my first trip, mixed my formula of Karo Syrup and Carnation Evaporated Milk.
2. My latest train ride was two years ago, this past May. My daughters and granddaughters took me to Chicago, for a Mothers Day weekend. We stayed on Michigan Avenue and had the best time, exploring this wonderful city.
3. During the 1970's, I was a Brownie Girl Scout Leader. My Girl Scout career lasted a short 5 years. I enjoyed my time in scouting.
4. A "legendary" tale of my childhood. I have no memory of this event. This was told to me, by my mother. We were visiting my aunt and uncle in El Paso, Texas, when I was a toddler. My mother and I were in a shop. A man tapped my mother on the shoulder and asked, is that your little girl? Mother turned and saw me being led away by another man. Needless to say, my pint sized mother thwarted the attempted abduction, swiftly!
5. J and I met at a bowling alley. A mutual friend introduced us at the bowling alley, where J bowled in leagues. That was November 1982. We've been together ever since.
6. I grew up during the time, when there was baptizing in rivers. I fondly remember going to "hymn sings" and baptizing in the river, at Bennett Spring State Park, near Lebanon, Missouri.
We're thinking about putting together a little day trip, for later this week. We'll see what happens.