I was going through photos to have printed, this morning, when I ran across this one and a couple others, I had forgotten about. This photo was taken just after we crossed the Mississippi River into IL, aboard the Winfield Ferry, in early July. Triplets must be pretty rare. We see twins while driving through the park to the condo, many times, but I think this is my first sighting of triplet fawns. Aren't they sweet?
We postponed a day trip, we had hoped to take this week. The temps are higher than we expected, so we decided to wait till cooler weather.
In lieu of the day trip, I'm house cleaning! We had a call from a realtor yesterday, who sold a nearby lot to a couple from the city. They are interested in, perhaps, having our builder construct their home. The builder gave them our name. The realtor, who is also an acquaintance of ours, called on their behalf, to ask if a tour of our home would be possible, for Sunday afternoon. Well, you can imagine the thoughts and lists going through my mind, when I heard this!
When I get the old home place spiffed up for this visit, I'll try to get some photos of corners you haven't seen. Will post about them soon!
Click on photo and scroll over to get a better view of the babies and their mama.