~Chair Stories & Corner of Our Home~

~A corner of the living room~

Mary Carol Garrity books stacked under a basket of fruit and a miniature bunny painting and sculpture, are among the accessories. A bee print in the same style hangs above the dragonfly print in the background. The small walnut dropleaf table is one of two in the living room. They are vintage 1950's.

I took these photos at about 7AM. Poor lighting and no tripod, make for fuzzy photographs!

I'm progressing right along with dust elimination and little tweaks of this and that, here and there, in preparation for the Sunday visitors.

This table sits in the master bedroom. I found a mirror, identical to this one, in a magazine ad, about 10 years ago. I can't remember the vendor, but believe it was Horchow. The price was around $200. I did not purchase the mirror at that price or from that source. One day, when I was browsing Old Time Pottery, I discovered this mirror for under $30. I used it above the master bathroom vanity in our previous home. The chair has a little story. I bought this one and three others at a resale shop, about 5 years ago. They are Queen Anne style. These had a very shiny almost baked on enamel look. I sanded 2 of them with a fine grit sand paper and primed them a rusty red, then spray painted with a satin black. I bought new cushions and recovered the seats. I have two more to finish. The cost of each chair, refinished and recovered, was less than $20 each. I don't know where I'll eventually use them. I just know I like them and will keep them until they find a comfortable place in our home. When I bought the little sofa table, last year, I was happily surprised to find this chair looked so well with it.
The sconces are from JC Penney clearance. The little chest is sitting on a copy of Laclede County (MO) History. My grandparents' grandparents were early settlers to the county. Their stories are in this book.
A bowl of Lavender blossoms also sits on the table.

~A close up of the black chair~
This is another bargain chair. I found it at a furniture store sidewalk sale a few years ago. It had a blue and cream checked seat. I covered it with a cream colored fabric remnant. No other work was needed. Total cost $20. I love a good bargain!
As I work around and through the house in the next day or two, I'll snap a few updated photos and write about them, soon.
Have a great weekend, everyone. Thank you so much for coming by the back porch!