Corners of Our Home

Our home is 1.5 stories. I thought you might like a glimpse of the upper level. The cherub on a shelf is at the bottom of the stairs. There are two guest rooms on this level.
The first guest room bed is reflected in a mirror. The room is done in cottage style. The wall color is Laura Ashley Gold3 from Lowes.

Looking across to the chest of drawers and mirror.

These photos show the bedside tables.

A pass through or Jack & Jill bath, is across the hallway from the guest room in the first photos. There is a vanity area on the hall side of the room. A door passes through the tub and toilet area, to another door that leads to the vanity area of the 2nd guest room.

The photo above shows a corner of the vanity next to the second guest room. The photo to the right is a corner of the vanity area entered via the hall. The lamps were J's mother's. I replaced the lampshades, with these. The shades were unadorned. I added eyelash fringe, ribbon roses and "pearl" beading, which is actually Christmas garland purchased at Michael's.
The wall color is Laura Ashley Olive5.

The second guest room bed. The bedroom suite is from the master bedroom in our former home. The lyre tables were purchased at an estate auction several years ago. The lamps and shades, animal print. The wall color, Laura Ashley Gold3.

This is the room over the garage. The room is entered from the upstairs hallway. These spaces are sometimes called bonus rooms. It's a studio of sorts. This photo shows only a small area of the room. At the opposite end is a bookcase and a vintage cabinet, used for supplies. It's a cozy spot to read or paint or just relax. The painting on the easel was done by a local artist.
Tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon we're leaving town, for a few days. We hope to relax at the lake and visit old friends during the long weekend.
I hope to return on Monday, with lots of photos and stories.
Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.