~A Nell Hill's Note~

Imagine my delight, this morning, when I opened my e-mail and found a newsletter from Nell Hill's.

Mary Carol Garrity's new book, Feather Your Nest, has been released. Of course, I went right over to and ordered it. I can hardly wait to see this latest Nell Hill's book!
The release of Feather Your Nest is just in time for Nell Hill's Fall 2007 Open House, where you may have your copy autographed by Mary Carol. Unfortunately, I will miss this event. Perhaps some of you will be there. If so, take photos and please post about the event. I know you will enjoy it.

While browsing Amazon I came upon the book, pictured at left, and pre-ordered a copy. I knew about Feather Your Nest, but just discovered Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings, today. I know it is as wonderful as Mary Carol's other Nell Hill's books. I own all four of her previous books and enjoy them each and every time I open them.

Another event shared in the newsletter is the announcement of the opening of Mary Carol's new Nell Hill's at Briarcliff Village in Kansas City, during November. I hope to be there. It would be wonderful to meet you at the Grand Opening. Mary Carol promises to be there, too.
Visit the Nell Hill's site you won't be disappointed.
Stop by where the above images are from, for a closer look. Type Nell Hill's in search box. Enjoy!