~Camera News~

I bought the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI camera, with money I netted from our Garage Sale. The camera came with an EF-S 18-55mm lens. I hope to purchase another lens, soon. I want to learn more about my new camera and perhaps take a class. For now, I'm just trying to familiarize myself with the Rebel.

This photo of a geranium on our patio is one of the first photos, I took with the new camera. The photo has not been edited, other than crop, text and frame.
Several readers have requested information about the photo editing programs I use. The following photographs have been edited with PhotoFiltre. This program is a free download. For information about PhotoFiltre, visit: There is a fee for this program, if you plan to use it commercially.
I also use Picasa2, another free editing program. Both work well, but I prefer PhotoFiltre, as it offers more options.
The first photo, below, is shown in it's original color. The second is edited to appear autumnal. Number 3, black and white, 4 night effect, 5 tarnished colors, 6 aged effect.
I've used only a few of many effects. I want to explore more, when I have more time. I haven't had problems with either of these programs and recommend them.
The photo shows a view from our patio.

Jenn, at Beaufort Belle, presented me with the Nice Matters award, recently. Thank you so much, Jenn, I appreciate it so much. I'll pass this award forward in a later post. I received this award earlier and will combine my award recipients.
Thank you all so much for visiting the back porch. Your kindness and support mean a great deal to me.