Our sale day began at 5AM, Saturday September 8th. Off and on rain showers, through the night, left us wondering if we would have any customers! Our worries were put aside, with the scheduled opening of 7AM, turning into 6:20AM, as our first customer arrived. A great customer, she was, too! I was well on my way to proceeds, for my dream camera.
A little before 7, our children and grandchildren arrived, with more fabulous treasures to sell and breakfast from St Louis Bread Co.
Business was steady through the morning and beyond our closing time of 2PM. At the end of the day, I was thrilled to learn, I netted more than enough to shop for that great camera.
Xanti was here until noon, when she had to leave for Tae Kwon Do class. She was very helpful during the sale. We appreciate that so much. Gabi and Drew behaved exceptionally well and entertained our shoppers throughout the day.
We closed the doors and left the leftovers, to be dealt with next week. J decided it was time for a nap! He's sound asleep and so is Molly, who spent the night boarded at our Vet. She came home in time to greet a few late arrivals.
I've added photos from today and two grids, showing some of the things we offered. We're happy with the sale results and might consider having another Garage of these years.