~Knockout Roses on our back porch rail, September 30, 2007~
There is no season when such pleasant sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce an effect on feelings, as now in October.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne~

A view from our back yard, October 2006.

A nearby country lane, October 2004.

I can't believe, tomorrow is October 1st. Seems like only yesterday was September 1!
We're hoping for fall color, like the color in the above photos.
The photo, at the top of this entry, was taken early this morning, from the back porch. These are the last roses of summer. When spring began with a freeze, we were uncertain of any blooms. But the roses came back and gave us something beautiful to see all summer long.
Gabi sends her thanks for the wonderful comments on her birthday post. She and her Mama read it together. Gabi said it made her Mama cry. It gave G'ma something to think about, too. Our babies grow up so fast!
Thanks to all my visitors, during September. I appreciate you all, so much!