~Bridal Brunch & Plate Painting~

The Bridal Brunch, hosted by the Bridesmaid (Xanti) and her mother, was wonderful. The Bride and guests enjoyed a lovely morning, last Saturday. Favors are shown in the photo. The larger square is a tea bag envelope. At the upper right, a votive candle favor wrapped in tulle and tied with raffia, can be seen. The Wedding Bingo card, is also shown. I love the fall leaf confetti, used for covering "numbers". The Bride received many wonderful gifts.
During Saturday afternoon, the Bride and I were at The Wedding Shoppe for a final fitting and bustle lesson. The package is one of my brunch gifts. Mikasa 12 Days of Christmas, ornaments.

Sunday afternoon, we met at The Painted Zebra ceramic shop. The Maid of Honor hosted a plate painting party. The Bride chose the colors and plates.
Being an avid Seattle Seahawks fan, the Bride selected the team's colors. We chose the design we wished to use and painted the plate in the Seattle colors. I traced a fleur de lis stencil. Which, as far as I know, has nothing to do with the Seahawks, but is a symbol of St Louis.
Gabi painted an "abstract" pattern. Xanti chose swirls and dots for her design. I can hardly wait to see how all the plates look, after firing.
We enjoyed a fun afternoon, at this out of the ordinary Bridal Shower.
At the moment, we're working on a plan for table numbers. When it's finalized, I'll write about it here.