~October In Our Neighborhood~

On this fine Monday morning, I am participating in Fun Monday #36, hosted by Pamela, of The Dust Will Wait. The challenge is to photograph places, in my neighborhood, I might see during any given day of the week. The idea is to entice Pamela to our area for a little visit.

We are rural folk, as you can see in these photos of our "neighborhood".

We have a lovely B&B, in our town. A delightful place to spend a few days, should Pamela feel drawn to our part of the world.

The farm, pictured in the first photo, is just down the road. I love this beautiful farm and always feel a sense of calm, when we pass by.

This is the small lake in our subdivision. This photo was taken from our neighbor's back yard.

Our home is just on the other side of the trees to the left in this photo. The field is on a gravel road, in our neighborhood.

An old barn, along the road, mentioned above.
The lovely old courthouse in our town.
If you've visited the back porch, you've seen other photos from our "neighborhood". If you have not visited, please look at my archives. Missouri is a beautiful place to visit!
To see other neighborhoods, please visit Pamela at The Dust Will Wait, for a list of those participating in Fun Monday #36 .