Bittersweet, Indian Corn & Pumpkin Pie

We took a little half day trip, to Illinois, yesterday. We were craving Catfish Fritters and Hushpuppies. Naturally, a great place to find this is, Grafton, IL. Our drive took us by Odelehr's Roadside Market, in Brussels. You might remember Odelehr's from an earlier post, this year.
The first thing I noticed, at the market, was a bin of Pie Pumpkins. I could not resist the temptation to buy a few.
I baked the pie, pictured, this morning. As soon as it was cool enough, I whipped heavy cream, with sugar and pure vanilla extract and had a slice of pie, for lunch.

We also purchased Bittersweet, for the hearth room mantle, Indian Corn, Red & Golden Delicious Apples, Apple Cider and jars of Jellies and Preserves. Growing in the field, in the background photo, is Grain Sorghum, also called Milo. The Milo fields, we've seen this fall, are beautiful.

This photo shows some of the gorgeous Mums at Odelehr's Roadside Market.

There were Pumpkins and Gourds in all shapes and colors.


After leaving Odelehr's, we drove to Grafton, where we bought Catfish Fritters and Hushpuppies at Beasley Fish Market. We ate our early supper, sitting beside the river.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day, in our part of the Midwest.