~All About Home~

Last week I wrote about Main Street in Historic St Charles, Missouri. Today, I'm introducing you to a wonderful shop, on Main Street, in our town, a few miles north of St Charles. Just as it's name implies, All About Home offers wonderful items for the home.

There are plans for a small lunch cafe, in the area through the doorway to the right, shown in the photo above. This side of the building was once a bakery.

J and his brothers attended Sacred Heart School at the north end of Main Street. They walked 3 miles, from their home on the farm, every morning. J has childhood memories of stopping at the bakery for a warm donut, on his way to school.

Housed in an antique building, All About Home offers gorgeous accessories. You will see, in the following photos, just how beautiful the shop is and what fabulous merchandise, proprietors Lori and Greg offer.
They are a delightful couple. We certainly enjoy visiting them at All About Home. Today, Greg gave us a tour of the building. He told us of his plans for renovation and dreams for this wonderful old structure.
We are delighted to see this grand old building being lovingly restored.
A window looking out on Main Street.
The following photos, speak for themselves.

This gorgeous wreath was fashioned by shop owner, Lori.

In this window, you see a ghost of the past life of the building. J remembers when it was a grocery store. His memories include large cartons of candy, probably penny candy, sitting on the sidewalk, outside the front door

Many years ago, the building was home to a bank. Through these curtains is the space that once held the vault. During the building's life as a grocery store, this room was used as meat locker.

This photo collage shows the top floor room, that was once the IOOF Lodge. Through the window, you see the county courthouse to the north. J's school was across from the courthouse. There are fantastic plans for this top floor. Lots of work to do! We wish Lori and Greg the very best, in turning this beautiful old building into a gem, on Main Street.


Our thanks to everyone for your well wishes, on the birth of our beautiful grandson Noah. I would also like to thank all who visited the back porch during November.

J and I will be traveling to Kansas City, tomorrow. It's time for the Nell Hill's opening. I am so excited to see Mary Carol Garrity's new store! I know it is going to be fabulous. I'll take a photo or two and tell you all about it, next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!