~Mary Carol Garrity's Nell Hill's Briarcliff~

After a detour or two, we found our way to the opening of Mary Carol Garrity's new Kansas City location of Nell Hill's, Friday November 30th. This photo shows one of the many rooms, found throughout the beautiful new store.

The Nell Hill's Atchison Kansas location, remains open. We'll definitely be traveling there again.

If you aren't familiar with the Nell Hill's story, click on the above link. It's quite a story. Mary Carol Garrity is the author of five books; Decorating Secrets, Style at Home, Entertaining in Style, Feather Your Nest, Christmas at Home and a new one featuring weddings, scheduled for January. It will come as no surprise that I own all five and can't wait for the new book.

A mantel in one of the rooms.

Those who have known me awhile, know how much I love table settings. I photographed two very pretty tables, at Nell Hill's.

I purchased four of these sugar bowls and the plates. I can hardly wait to set my table with them. The sugar bowls/tureens will be used for soups.

Isn't this pretty! I looked at several of these sets. I decided to save them for another shopping day. I also like the glass tray.

The second of the two tables, I photographed.

This cabinet is in one of the bathrooms.

I love this black and white bedding and the upholstered headboard.

The following four photographs are of corners around the store. Just around the corner from the cabinet, in the first photo, I found one of my purchases, a pencil sketch print of a Labrador Retriever.

J and the father of a friend from Georgia, we met at the store, sit and chat beside the fireplace.
As I browsed the store, I found other fellows sitting in comfortable cozy chairs.
We enjoyed meeting Diane's Mom and Dad.

I met two friends, from my online decorating board, Great Impressions. This was the second time I've met these ladies in person.
Diane, on my right, was in the area to help her Mom with Christmas decorating. We had lunch with her and her parents, after shopping.

Lacy, on my left, is a great fan of Mary Carol Garrity, too. She would not have missed the opening of this gorgeous new store. Lacy's beautiful home is on a Christmas tour, Sunday!

The Lab print I purchased. I couldn't resist it. The subject looks like Molly!

This photo shows some of my purchases. Diane suggested the journal. I'm so happy she pointed them out to me. I can't wait to make my first entry, on January 1, 2008.
Below, a grid shows the dishes, in a close up.
We had a wonderful time seeing the new store and visiting with friends. I saw Mary Carol and said hi. She greeted me as though I was a long time friend!
We are honored to have been selected by Jennifer, of The Old Painted Cottage, as winners of her Holiday Home Decorating Contest. Thank you so much, Jennifer!