~Christmas Home Tour~

Sunday December 9th, we visited homes featured on the 2007 Garden Club Holiday Home Tour. Even though we had an overnight ice storm, the roads were clear. The homeowners prepared walkways, for safe walking during the tour.

The home in the first photo, is the 3rd and largest we visited. As soon as we walked through the double front doors, we felt completely at home. We visited with the homeowners, their children and many people we know, who were taking the tour. We enjoyed spending 2 hours at this lovely,warm home.
The foyer tree and nativity scene, beside the stairway.

The stairway, leading to the second floor.

A window in the dining room, looks out on the circular driveway.

The dining room.

The mantel in the living room. The use of varying sizes of chunky candlesticks and large candles, with fresh greenery is perfect.

A view of the living room from the second floor landing.

A tree on the second floor landing, which is also used as the children's living room.

A table in the lower level. The windows look out onto a covered terrace.

The screened porch, just off the hearth room.

Another view of the screened porch, looking out toward the pool house.

A window in the breakfast room looks onto a terrace and building, beyond.

We had the impression this was a horse barn, in the distance. The homeowner told us, it's actually a shed for machinery and other landscaping equipment.
The first home, we visited, is in our subdivision. Soon after we entered, electrical power was lost. I took a few photos, but the quality is poor. The homeowner has collected memorabilia of our town. He has constructed a replica of a small railroad that once ran between our town and a village to the west. I hope to feature this home, in a future post.
I have no photos from the second home. There is an interesting story to relate from that home, though. The homeowners are funeral directors. The husband collects antique cars. Many with some connection to his business. We were shown a car, sitting in the garage. I'm not sure what make or model. I don't know why, but my thought was Packard. It looks to be from the 1930's. This particular car carried the cremains of Eliot Ness, to their final resting place. We both thought that was very interesting!
The 4th home we visited, is this sweet little Victorian. It's owners are currently in the process of restoring it to it's former glory.

The Christmas tree sits in a bay window, in the living room. I'm sure this was once the front parlor. Notice the radiator to the left, in the photo. This room is now heated with a pellet stove, similar to a wood stove. It was toasty and comfortable here.

This arrangement hangs over a door, in the home's bathroom, which includes a clawfoot tub.

This is a larger Victorian, not on the tour, next door. Doesn't she look magnificent?

This home is very close to our hearts. We are so happy, she wasn't featured on the tour, this year! Although opening our home for the tour, in 2006, was enjoyable, it was also lots of work.
Edit: J just told me, the Eliot Ness car is a Buick.