Snowy Morning & Christmas Memories

Snow on our patio chairs, this morning. We expect to see another 5 or so inches before the snow ends, early Sunday morning. Molly certainly enjoys seeing snow. She loves to romp around and roll around in the white stuff! She's outdoors, as I type, having the time of her life!

I've been tagged by Sher of Sher's Creative Expressions. I'm to list twelve things about myself, with Christmas as the theme.
I've included several black and white photos. Some are from Christmas, with our Grandchildren, 2006.

1. Christmas is my favorite of all holidays. The reason for the celebration is what makes it so special to our family.

2. When I was a child, just about everyone, I knew went to the country, to cut a tree, for Christmas. In southwest Missouri, a Cedar Christmas Tree, graced most homes, in those days.
3. One Christmas Tree, stands out in my memory, in particular. Most of my childhood Christmases were spent with Grandad and Granny. We seldom had a tree in our own home. One year, when I was about 16 years old, we decided to have a tree at home. My sister and I, along with several friends, found a huge old Cedar and brought it to our tiny home. Alas, we had no ornaments or lights! We were resourceful, my sister and I ! We returned soda bottles, found here and there and used the deposit money to buy a can of snow spray. With the help of our friends, we managed to secure the tree in a makeshift stand and sprayed it with the canned "snow". With some of our soda bottle money, we purchased tinsel icicles and carefully placed them on our tree. That tree was gorgeous. It certainly was a tree I'll never forget. It's only adornment, the tinsel and snow and it's wonderful fragrance.
4. At the age of seven I was one of the tiniest Angels in our church Christmas program, my 4 year old sister was the other. Even though I was only 7, at the time, I've not forgotten the program, my wings and halo or the wonderful music.
5. Many times we celebrate Christmas a few days early. Our children are able to visit other family, without the stress of going from home to home to home on Christmas Day.
6. A scavenger hunt for a special gift, is often included in our Christmas festivities. It's fun to write the clues and wrap them in pretty packages, then watch the gift recipient search the house for more clues and finally the gift!
7. Our Christmas menu usually consists of Clam Chowder, Appetizers and Dessert.
8. Each year, our family eagerly awaits the "game". Each person brings 5 inexpensive gifts. A gag gift is always included. We pile the beautifully wrapped gifts in the center of the floor or the big farmhouse table, in the breakfast room. Dice is rolled to determine who takes a gift. Our version requires a 7 or 11 to choose a gift and doubles to rob your neighbor. At the end of the game, we always make sure, each of us has the same amount of gifts. After opening these packages, the game continues, with a gift swap. It's fun to see all the bartering!
9. Christmas Eve is a special time for church services.
10. A special memory, Mother reading the Christmas Story, from the Bible.
11. Last night, I once again enjoyed one of my favorite Christmas movies, It's a Wonderful Life. No matter how many times I see this movie, I still laugh, cry and enjoy seeing it, as if it was the first time.
12. Last, but certainly not least, J and I met just after Thanksgiving, 1982. Another reason to celebrate this special time of year.
This photograph was taken by Xanti, who has an amazing natural gift for photography. Drew seems to be watching for Santa Claus.

This is one of my favorite photos of Gabi, last Christmas. It's absolutely unposed. She picked up the ornament from a candleholder on the hearth. Luckily, I had the camera ready!
Our beautiful Xanti, wearing her Princess Santa hat.
Our newest Grandchild, Noah. We eagerly await his first Christmas!
Please post 12 things about yourself, with Christmas as the theme, for the Holiday Hoopla Tag, then tag several others for the challenge.
Merry Christmas!!