~Christmas in the Lodge 2007~

Molly's stocking, hanging from a Black Labrador Retriever stocking holder, on the the "lodge" fireplace mantel.
I thought you might like a peek into J's lodge, decorated for Christmas 2007. I photographed the lodge tree and fireplace this morning. There are two photos here, that were taken during Christmas 2006.

We were not going to put a tree in the lodge this year, as part of our plan to downsize a bit. However, that plan changed, when our new son in law asked J about the lodge tree. One thing led to another and J went to work, readying his space for Christmas, 2007.

This photo of Molly was taken during Christmas 2006, when we had a decorating extravaganza at our house. She needed every little nap she could get!! She was probably wondering what in the world was happening to her home!
The three following photos were taken this morning. I did an enhanced black and white effect on two of them. The effect seems fitting for the space.

If you happen to have a bit of barbed wire and an old horseshoe, around the house, you can make this tree.
A retiree from the electric cooperative made this, several years ago. We treasure this little tree very much, since the man who made it, is no longer with us.

A look into the lodge, during Christmas 2006.

The sled, skis and Santa are part of our front porch vignette, for Christmas 2007. The sled and skis are antiques. The Santa is handmade.
Merry Christmas from the Lodge!