~Four Weddings and a Blogiversary~

Thursday March 6, will mark my one year anniversary, here at the Back Porch. To celebrate the occasion I'm giving a copy of Nell Hill's Stylish Weddings, by Mary Carol Garrity. On the left, the collage shows some of the photos from the book. There are many ideas in the book that can be used for events other than weddings. The pages are filled with beautiful images, as all Nell Hill books are. Some of the images from Stylish Weddings include photos from Mary Carol's daughter's wedding.
To be eligible for the drawing, just leave a comment on this post, between now and Wednesday March 5th. I'll choose a winner by random number the evening of the 5th.
The wedding photos, in this post, are of J's family from the late 19 teens to the 1940's.
The bride and groom, in this photo, are J's mother and father. To J's mother's right is her sister. To the left of J's dad is another of his mother's sisters. The first bridesmaid on the left is a sister of J's dad. The men in the photo are the husband of one of the sisters, at the left and on the far right a cousin of J's dad.
This couple is J's maternal grandparents.
We believe the gentleman in this photo is J's maternal grandfather's brother.
This groom was a cousin of J's father.
Today, J had an appointment with a medical specialist. We were both a bit worried, but all seems to be well. While driving home, we decided this would be a good time to take off for the lake. We'll leave early tomorrow, Thursday and return Monday or Tuesday. The weather is supposed to be pretty good with 50'sF, on Sunday. We're looking forward to this little getaway.
I'll check back here Monday evening or Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend!