~What a Difference a Day Makes~

Rocks and shells in anchor bowl on a small cabinet, next to dining table.

The weather was wonderful over the weekend. Temperatures were in the 60's and 70's (F). It was definitely shirt sleeve and sandal weather.
I found a pair of sandals at the condo. I didn't care if it was only March 1st, still winter, I wore them.
We shopped and had lunch out, Saturday. I picked up a couple things I needed to finish the condo master bedroom. The headboard is the only thing missing. I may leave it as is for now, though. I like the way it looks without one.
We spackled nail holes, last time we were there, so I sanded and J did paint touch ups where needed. I'm still working on the bathroom. I want to paint, that room.

This pillow, with embroidered Stargazer Lily, is from the Jane Seymour collection. The pillow design was adapted from one of Ms Seymour's paintings. The pillow is from Marshall's, at the lake. I needed a shot of pink somewhere in the room, to complement the hand knotted Soumak rug, at the foot of the bed. This pillow is just what I was looking for!
Yesterday, we rearranged the deck furniture. The weather was perfect for an afternoon drive and a stop at Andy's for frozen custard. The high temperature for Sunday was 78 (F). We enjoyed sitting on the deck. I read and J began preparing fishing gear, for the season.
Now for the title explanation! What a difference a day makes, indeed! We began hearing winter weather advisories yesterday evening. This morning we heard a winter weather warning. As much as we would have loved to stay another day at the lake, we thought it best to start for home, today. It rained and snowed, part of the way, but not bad. We heard of freezing rain in St Louis, around noon. Still no precipitation along our I-70 route, though. At the moment, it's cloudy here at home, with a temperature of 28 degrees (F). We're under a winter weather advisory/warning until tomorrow at 6PM.
We enjoyed a little peek of Spring! It was great!
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