~Inspiration for Friday~

This photo appeared on my first post, March 6, 2007. This past year has certainly been interesting. We've had an exciting year, filled with special times for our family. Sometime next week, I plan to post about my anniversary in the land of blog, the growth of Back Porch Musings and perhaps a give away.
This morning while visiting my friends in blog land, I found a delightfully delicious post by Joni at Cote De Texas. I recommend a visit. She's given a detailed story of the evolution of a room (hers) with before, during and after photos. Fabulous inspiration!
With the winter weather, we've not taken many day trips. We hope to get a trip in, one or two days next week. I have a couple possibilities, in mind. Weather permitting, of course!

This past week we were contacted by a television producer's office, inquiring if we would consider allowing them to use our master bedroom makeover, as inspiration on an upcoming show. We're still pondering this proposal and will notify the producer after the weekend. We are so flattered by the invitation. While we are excited about the possibilities, we feel careful thought is needed, before committing to the project.

Little did we know, as children growing up in rural Midwest US, we would own the home we have now. It was a distant dream that seemed unattainable. From the time I was a little girl, I loved seeing beautifully decorated homes.

J began working on the farm, his parents bought in 1944, from the time he was old enough to carry a bucket. He worked on the farm and worked as a Lineman many years. He'd take care of livestock in the morning before leaving for work. More farm related work waited for him evenings and weekends. During the 1990's, the farm was annexed into the city. Construction was happening around us. It was no longer in the country. J and his brothers made the decision to sell the farm and in 2003, a developer bought the property. This gave us the opportunity to build our home. Even though I was 60 that year and J wasn't much younger, we decided to build a fairly large home and do it the way we had dreamed. Never dreaming we would ever be approached by a network producer!! So as we ponder the pondering we need to ponder, we will keep the stardust out of our eyes and make a carefully thought out decision.

Thanks to all who visited the Back Porch, this week. Have a wonderful weekend!