~Posey Prints & Cabinet in Sepia~

With the bedroom makeovers complete, I found time to organize the hearth room cabinet and add the new tureens and plates from the Nell Hill's trip, in November. I'll probably add and remove pieces here and there, but this is a start. I chose to show the photos in sepia, as it seems to fit the display. Look closely and you will see a "chocolate" bunny or two.
I was asked to show closeups of the floral prints, shown in the previous post. As I mentioned in that post, these are laser prints of pressed flower arrangements by Pam Randle, a Charleston South Carolina artist, we met at Charleston's historic Market. Pam grows the flowers, presses, and arranges them for laser printing.

This print has been hanging in the powder room since Spring 2005. That room gets afternoon sunlight. The print has held up wonderfully well.
This nest was made of Hydrangea blossoms. When we talked to the artist, she explained which flowers she used. She painted the Hummingbirds, other than that, the arrangement was from pressed flowers and plants. This print is a limited edition.

Only three of the four prints I have on either side of the iron bed, are shown here. I didn't get a clear shot of one of them. The ones shown here give a fairly good representation of the prints. I recognize Pansies and Daisies, a fern (Maidenhair?) and the Hydrangea blossoms. Can you name the flowers?

** Editing to explain the size of our room. When we built the house, we asked our builder to add a couple feet to the breakfast room, to make a better fit for our 9 ft farmhouse table. When the space was added there, of course the opposite side of the house had to "grow" to compensate for the breakfast room change. Imagine the look on my face the first time I saw the bedroom after it was finished!