Back Porch Promise & Easter

Preparing the back porch for Summer 2008, is a project I hope to complete in the next few weeks.

Several months ago, I purchased the red Laura Ashley print, for recovering the chair seats. I'll paint the chairs a creamy white. I found four floral cushions for the black iron glider, at Marshall's. The back porch fireplace can be seen through the door, behind the chair. In the corner, is a birdhouse on a stand. We used it on the deck at the lake, previously. I have all the elements gathered and ready for a sunny warm day, when I can paint and recover the chairs and ready the porch for the season.
It has snowed, sleeted and rained, this Easter Sunday. The sun was shining during the day, also.

We had breakfast with our family early this morning. Xanti was able to join us for breakfast. We missed her yesterday, because she was working during our family Easter gathering at her aunt and uncle's.

These photos show our younger grandbabies. They entertained us all through the day, yesterday. Gabi, Drew and Noah are pictured, in the grid, as well as our daughter, holding her son, Noah.

Gabi returned home with us, to spend the night. She enjoyed Bunny Tracks ice cream with G'pa. I read two books to her before she went to sleep. This morning, she said she had a good night. I told her I was happy she had a good night. She replied, "Thank you, G'ma".

Gabi and Drew hunting eggs.

***********************************************Our thanks to all for your wonderful e-mails, comments, thoughts and prayers. We are so very appreciative.