~Easter, J & Missouri Weather~

~Dogwood at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri 2007~

Our thanks to everyone for your concern about the Missouri floods. We live about 14 miles from the Mississippi River and north of St Louis. The flooding, happening this week, is south. Our friends, living in Arnold Missouri, report seeing water from their home. They are in no danger, though. That flooding is coming from the Meramec River. We've needed moisture for awhile, but it seems we are having an over abundance! Our hearts go out to those affected by these floods, here in Missouri and throughout the Midwest.
I've written, in recent weeks, about a series of medical tests, J has been having. The early tests were okay. However, this week we received a different sort of news.

A few years ago, J's youngest brother was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and recovered completely. Since then, we've been vigilant, watching for any signs of Cancer. Often when a close relative, like a brother, is diagnosed, Cancer comes to a brother or sister, also. This week, we learned a small, early stage cancer has been found in J's Prostate. We spent yesterday at DePaul Hospital in St Louis, with J's Urologist. Further testing was done. DePaul is not the hospital we normally use. So we were a bit lost, trying to find our way around. We are so appreciative of the kindness of J's doctor and others working at DePaul. They saw us through the tests and guided our way around the hospital. We should know today, the results of the Bone Scan, done yesterday.

The cancer is medium growing. It's been caught in the early stages. J had the option of several courses of action. Standard surgery, radiation or robotic surgery. Fortunately, our hospital, St Lukes (Saint Louis) has acquired one of the robots and is having wonderful success. After speaking with the Urologist, yesterday, J decided he wants robotic surgery. Click here, for more information about Robot Oncology. Many times, when Prostate Cancer is found in men older than J, it is slow growing and surgery isn't done. However, since J is 62 and the cancer is more aggressive, we have decided to take an aggressive approach to treatment. J will see our Cardiologist for a stress test and other tests. The Cardiologist is confident J will do fine with surgery. Having the tests is an extra precaution. He will also bank his own blood for the surgery.

We continue our journey, Monday morning, with a get acquainted meeting, with the surgeon who will perform the Laporascopic Prostatectomy, sometime in April at St Luke's.

I'll try to keep you updated throughout these next months. I'll add a message sometime next week, to let you know what is happening. As always and as I hope we always will, we are approaching this journey with the faith and optimism, we've approached other challenges in our life together.
Tomorrow, we are going to our oldest daughter's home, where she and her husband are hosting an Easter dinner and egg hunt. On Sunday, Xanti and Noah's parents are hosting an early breakfast. We stopped yesterday, on our way home, for a short visit with all our grandchildren. They are exactly what we needed after our day.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, from our family to yours!