~Dining Room Shelves~

I was looking through a Ballard's catalog, this morning, when I happened upon this photo. The shelves looked familiar. Then I remembered! Similar shelves were in my studio, stacked with decorating and travel books.

It didn't take long for the light bulb to go on. I decided my shelf would be the perfect place for some of our white dishes and serving pieces. They will be displayed until I need them. And free up some much needed pantry space at the same time.
Once again J's assistance was called upon. We dismantled the shelves and brought them down to the dining room and reassembled them. It didn't take long to look through the pantry and wine server. I found just what I needed.
The mirror, used above the glass topped table, previously in this spot, was replaced with a print, from the master bathroom. The sconces were used in the master bedroom, before that little makeover.
The console table that was used in the dining room before, is now on the landing.
The drink dispenser from Mary Carol Garrity's Nell Hill's in Atchison Kansas, is filled with eggs, a nest and card, for spring.
Once more, I've used what I have, to do a mini makeover and it's been very enjoyable. I wonder how many more of these little projects I can think of.