~Missouri Homes Old & New~

Wednesday afternoon, while we were out driving, we passed by this home. Would you like to guess the age of this house? The former tobacco plantation was donated to the St Charles County Parks Department, to be restored as a museum. It has been known as the Pink Plantation for several years. More about this home can be found at the above link.

The house, built in 1828, was destroyed by fire in 2004. The above photo shows the original site. This photo was taken, looking toward Hwy 61, in St Charles County, Missouri. At the time of the fire and for several years before, the home was painted pink. Through the efforts of the Saint Charles County Parks Department, the house was rebuilt. Passersby might believe this home has stood here, for over 200 years. Plans are to open the museum/park during 2008.

The Shapley Ross House, built in early 19th Century, is located a few miles north of the first home. Information about the man who built this home, can be found at the link.
I spoke to the owners, last Fall, about photographing the interiors of this beautiful old stone house. I will also be able to obtain more history, at that time. I toured this wonderful historic home, several years ago.
The photo shows the hitching post, near the front door.


Work on our back porch is progressing nicely. I plan to post about our efforts over the weekend, when warm spring temperatures are promised.