~Dawn's Early Light, Lake Sky & Pink Peonies~

Pink Peonies, growing at Andre's Restaurant, Lake of the Ozarks.A dock at daybreak.
Old Glory by dawn's early light.

The sky over Lake of the Ozarks.
We arrived home, early this afternoon, Monday. We had a restful extended weekend. Even though the fish weren't bitin', J had a great time fishing. I read and relaxed every day, with a little retail therapy thrown in, for good measure.
We were treated to a couple of spectacular light shows, as more stormy weather passed through the midwest.
When we arrived home, we found our Knockout Roses in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous! I hope to take a few photos, tomorrow morning. A package awaited on the front porch. Thanks to Kari, also known as Granny Skywalker, we are going to take a little trip, down memory lane, with the contents of that package. More on that, later this week.
Thank you for coming by the back porch while we were away. I'll be around to see you, beginning tomorrow.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!