~Gone Fishin'~

Fishermen leaving at dawn, for a day on the Lake of the Ozarks. A photo, similar to this one, edited in black and white, can be seen at Snapshots From the Back Porch. I've posted several photos, since I began Snapshots. Some of them were taken with a point and shoot camera, as well as my Canon Rebel xti.

Lately, a few of my readers have asked about my camera. I have the name of my Canon Rebel posted on my page here and at my other blog.

The photo above was taken during April 2007, using the Kodak P850 camera, I later dropped at Nell Hill's. The camera was a point and shoot. After I damaged the camera with my clumsiness, I purchased another small Kodak, for use until I bought the Digital SLR Canon Rebel xti, in September '07, which I now use most of the time. I still take photos with the small Kodak. Recently, my daughter provided me with a pocket size point and shoot camera, with 7.2 mega pixels. I plan to try it out in the next few days. It should work well for doing shots of store interiors and other things I tend to blog about. I use the Canon for photos I can take my time with.

I personally believe you can get great results with point and shoot cameras. I recently read about a Macro option that is on some point and shoot cameras. Editing programs are excellent photography tools. Many can be downloaded free of charge. I use two of these programs. Picasa2 is wonderful! There are several editing options, including crop, straighten, sharpen and special effects, such as sepia, black and white and others. The second editing program I have is PhotoFiltre. It too, is a free download, for personal use. There is a fee, if you want to use your photos commercially. There are lots of fun editing tools with PhotoFiltre. Both of these programs can be found through Google Search.

I've developed a growing interest in photography, over the past year or so. This interest is why I decided to move forward with one of the "big cameras". I'm enjoying an ongoing learning experience and hope to improve my skills, along the way.
The following photos were taken around town, Tuesday afternoon. As you can see, from these photos, we are still experiencing frequent rain showers. A funnel cloud was seen over St Louis, yesterday around noon. Luckily, it did not touch down.

^ This pretty home was restored by a young couple we know.

^This lovely old home is a local bed and breakfast.

^This is one of my favorite homes, here in town. I love the ranch style.

Today, we will leave for the lake. This is our first getaway since J's surgery. He's doing very well and hopes to do some fishing over the next few days. We will return Monday or Tuesday, next week. I continue to monitor comments, although I've had no further trouble. I like to use that option, especially when we are to be away from home. Please come by the Back Porch and leave a comment, if you wish. I will read and publish them, when we return. Each of your visits is very important to me and I do enjoy your comments, so much.