~Komen Race for the Cure St Louis~

Participants in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, in St Louis Missouri, Saturday morning, June 21, 2008.
Just a quick post, this afternoon. Daughter K. just sent these photos from the race, this morning. Members of our family have participated many times, in this event.

Daughter T. found my cousin Shirley's son's name and his daughter's name on the list of participants, today. My cousin, seen in the childhood photo in a previous post, is a Breast Cancer survivor.

Above, photos of our daughters, son in law and baby Noah. Seven month old Noah successfully completed his first walk in this wonderful event.
I'm mighty proud of this bunch!
Gabi continues to enjoy her visit as we enjoy having her visit. When she arrived, she told us she's staying 5 days. I asked her, this morning, how many days she's been here. She told me, two. When I asked her when she plans to go home, she told me, Thursday night. She's a character!
Back soon with more news from our house to yours.