~Post #200~

This post marks my 200th, here at the Back Porch. While looking back through my archives, recently, I enjoyed seeing how Back Porch Musings has evolved over the past 16 months.
When I began this blog, in March 2007, I tended to use more photo grids and frames, than I'm using now. In the beginning, I had no idea what direction this little journey would take. Eventually, the blog became a journal about life with J and our family, home, our town, state, road trips, and day trips. Decorating our homes has also been a big part of the Back Porch, since the first post.
I enjoy writing about Missouri. I hope to give you all a glimpse of how beautiful our state is. When traveling from east to west on I-70, one sees small and large towns, farmland, prairies and rolling hills. St Louis and Kansas City begin and end the I-70 route through Missouri. Two wonderful cities to see, photograph and write about. I hope to do more of this, in future posts. Small towns and cities, wonderful detours, are also along I-70, I-44, and other highways and back roads of our state. Don't forget Springfield, Joplin, and of course Branson.
More posts about our beautiful Ozarks, will also be a part of Back Porch Musings, in the coming months. We're making plans to celebrate our 25th anniversary, in southwest Missouri, this fall. Of course, I will have my camera and a notebook.
In today's post, I am happy to share more photos of Jefferson City, Missouri, on the banks of the Missouri River. While traveling back from the lake, Friday morning, we stopped at Jefferson City, for a look at the gardens of the Governor's Mansion and the Lewis and Clark sculpture as well as other gardens and views of our state capital.
The Day Lily, shown in the top photo, is one of many in our side garden. The photo was taken early, this morning (Sunday).
The above underlined links will lead to more information about Missouri and Jefferson City. Most photos, in my posts, will enlarge when clicked.


~Oakleaf Hydrangea~

This entry would not be complete without a note of appreciation to my readers. Your visits mean so very much to me.
In celebration of the 200th post, at Back Porch Musings, I'm offering a giveaway, shown in the above photo. Two books, The Painted Garden and In the French Kitchen Garden, a Bluebird clay pot sitter and a set of notecards, made with my photo of our Knock Out Roses, growing beside the back porch steps. To be eligible for the drawing please leave a comment, on this post, between now and Sunday July 20th.
Hoping you all have a wonderful week.