~I Can See Clearly Now~

You may recall when I posted about the secretary in our foyer. I accessorized it with this and that from around the house and placed books and other things behind the seeded glass doors. One thing was missing. A magnifying glass was just the piece needed to finish the desk top.

J and I lunched at Oddfellows Cafe, Wednesday. While visiting with owners, Lori and Greg, I browsed through their shop, All About Home. Of course, I found a few things to purchase. As we were looking at vintage photographs of our town, we used a pretty magnifying glass to read captions and see buildings more clearly. I mentioned to Lori, a magnifying glass was just what I was looking for, to complete my desk. The magnifying glass, shown in the photos above, came home with us. Thank you, Lori.

I've made a change or two, in our master suite, since posting about it last Winter. At the time I was working on the room, I used lamps found around the house and ivory sheers, formerly used in a guest room. Although the sheers were very pretty, what I really wanted was linen panels. Not long ago, I replaced the silk panels in the living room with linen, in a natural color. When I saw how wonderful these curtains were, I decided to order more, for the master bedroom iron bed.

The photos above right and below, show the linen curtains. The new lamps are more size appropriate for the tables, than the lamps I used in the beginning. I knew, eventually, I would find just the right lamps.
What happened to those sheers? They now cover the dormer, in the upstairs studio/retreat.

A few weeks ago, while visiting Susie Harris at Bienvenue, I saw some of the beautiful tassels, she makes. I fell in love with this camera tassel and ordered it from her shop.

I took a few photos of our Knock Out Roses, this morning, just after sunrise. Some of the photos show the effect of the sun coming through the trees, in the background. I recently learned, this effect is called Bokeh. I've been studying a bit about Bokeh. I hope to learn more about it and perfect my technique.

The photo, below, was taken Tuesday evening, just before sunset.

Recently, several delightful blog friends honored me with the Brilliante Award. Rue's Blog Love Award, is new to my sidebar, as well. I hope to pass along these awards, and others, someday soon. Until then, if you see your name on my sidebar, or have ever left a comment or dropped by to read Back Porch Musings, please accept these awards from me to you. You are all fabulous!