"Having wonderful time. Wish you were here". Isn't that what one writes on a postcard?

I'm writing this entry, Friday July 25th, my 65th birthday. By the time the post is published, we should be relaxing on the deck, enjoying the view. If all goes according to plan, a guest is sitting on the deck with us. I'm sure I'll have a story to tell about this guest, upon our return. Of course, there will be a photograph or two.

The Missouri county, mentioned in my previous post, is Audrain, in northeast Missouri. This is the county believed to be named for J's family. Although, when looking through county lists, I found origin unknown for Audrain County. We have a copy of a letter from our family researchers that mentions the county was named for Pierre (Peter) Audrain, J's ancestor.

I couldn't leave for the lake without telling you about My Beloved Garage Sale Find.
Karin is new to the land of blog. I've known her a few years through the private decorating board we belong to. I'm enjoying reading "Is It Nap Time Yet?" blog. She wrote an entry about her daughter's room, this past week. There is a dresser, in the room, that is fabulous.
When I stopped by, Friday, I found a wonderful post about a piece of art Karin found at a garage sale, several years ago. Not only is it a very pretty painting, it has provenance! J and I love to dig around in the back rooms of antique shops and consignment stores. We find lots of wonderful things, but few are found with a story attached. We love it when we learn a bit of history about whatever piece we buy. This happened with Karin's beloved garage sale find. To read about it and see the photos, please click here.

You Make Me Smile! Yes, you all make me smile, at least once a day. I want to pass this happy award to you. Please take it and pass it to someone or everyone who makes you smile! This award was created by Gail at Squared Off. Her son made the drawing for his mommy. Imagine Gail's smile when she was presented with this wonderful gift! I picked up this sweet award from Pat in NY. Thank you for your generosity, Pat!


Another new award, is on the side bar. Sharing the Love Award has a special story. Sandi passed the award to several people, including me. Thank you, Sandi! I am passing it to all of you, in gratitude for your kindness during this first year and a half of Back Porch Musings. The history of the award can be found by clicking the button on the sidebar. If you accept the award and pass it along, please link back to the original post. It is the story of a sweet child who has had heart surgery and the wonderful mom who created this award.

Andi challenged me to play Susie Q's Game. We all know how much Sue loves a good list. I'm inviting you to play, too. One thing I learned during the game. We should plan a trip to NYC! This will become obvious when you see my answers to a couple of great questions.

You are allowed only one answer per question. You may challenge 5 others to play Susie's Game. At the end of my list are 5 fabulous bloggers I've challenged. I also challenge anyone who is reading this post. Please let me know if you play the game. I'm looking forward to reading your favorites.

Sport: Baseball
Game: Trivial Pursuit
Color: Aqua
Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
Broadway Play I've Seen: None, but would love to see any of them!
Broadway Musical I've Seen: None, but would love to see Mama Mia
Song: Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)
Favorite City Visited: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Foreign City Visited: I've only been to Canada and Mexico border towns. Would love to see the cities!
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Children's Book: Nancy Drew Series
Classic TV Show: Carol Burnett
Recent TV Show: Monk
Actor: James Stewart
Actress: Angela Lansbury
Perfume: Tommy Bahama Very Cool
Food: Pasta
Dessert: Chocolate Anything and Everything
Chain Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory
Local Restaurant: Oddfellows Cafe
Car: 1956 T-Bird
Condiment: Mustard
Kitchen Appliance: Blender
Home Appliance: Dyson Animal
Beauty Product: All Clinique Products
Favorite Clothing: Black Capris
HGTV Show: If Walls Could Talk
Food Network: Paula Deen
Author: James Patterson
Male Songwriter: Randy Newman
Female Songwriter: Carole King
Holiday: Christmas
Ballet: Nutcracker (segment within Radio City Rockettes Christmas Show, Grand Palace, Branson Missouri)
Disney Character: Cinderella
Flower: Calla Lily
Alcoholic Drink: Chardonnay (Kendall Jackson)
Non Alcoholic Drink: Unsweetened Iced Tea with Lemon
Magazine: Architectural Digest
Animated Movie: Cinderella (brings happy childhood memories!)
TV Mini Series: Roots
Season: Autumn
Male Vocalist: Harry Connick Jr.
Female Vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald (ah...Gershwin)
Day of Week: Sunday
Household Chore: Laundry
Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Candy: Bankheads Chocolates (Local)
Artist: Georgia O'Keefe
Quotation: See the Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Quote on my sidebar.

I challenge:
A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
Picket (Dot)
Picket's Place
Susie Harris
Deb's Country Kisses
Country Romance

Have a great week!