~Two Summer Days in Missouri~

You already know how we love to turn ordinary appointments and running errands into something just a tad more. That's what we did, this past Monday. We needed to make a quick trip to Jefferson City. Our day began early. Molly went along for the ride, too.
Our business complete, we stopped by Central Dairy for a cool treat on this hot summer day. Texas Pecan for J, Moose Tracks for me, and Molly's favorite, vanilla ice cream. Central Dairy is a must stop on most of our trips to or from the lake. Besides delicious ice cream, the dairy offers the ambiance of an old fashioned ice cream shop. Always a popular place, Central Dairy is located on Madison, in Jefferson City, Missouri.
On the way through Holt's Summit, just up Hwy 54 from Jeff City, I snapped a photo of the McDonald's sign. Do you remember when burgers were 15 cents?

We detoured through Fulton, Missouri for a drive by the campus of Westminster College. We put this on our day trip list, for exploring on a cooler day.
The Winston Churchill Memorial and Library is on the Campus of Westminster College. This is the site of Churchill's famous Iron Curtain speech.
Remembering construction along our usual route home, we decided to drive across country. Above and below, a rural Missouri road.

I had the bright idea, recently, of trying to photograph every courthouse in the state of Missouri. There are 114 counties in our fair state. The above photo, is one you've seen before. Our county's courthouse. Below, the Montgomery County Courthouse, photographed on our drive home, Monday.
Two down and 112 to go!
A Missouri county was named for one of J's ancestors, according to family lore. The 6 or 7 x's grandfather's father arrived here, from France, during the 18th century. Can you guess which county has the name of J's family? (Click on map to enlarge)
Tuesday morning, we treated ourselves to a movie. We haven't seen the stage production, of Mama Mia, but would love to see it. We enjoyed this bawdy, beautiful, bodacious film. I haven't left a movie feeling so good, in a very long time! Many critics have not been kind. We rarely pay attention to reviews, though.
Having grown up in the era of lovely musicals, I'm always looking for a good movie musical. This one didn't disappoint. Sure Pierce Brosnan can't sing, but oh my goodness...he's good lookin'. Meryl Streep is fabulous. The cast and scenery gorgeous. Of course, the Abba music was upbeat and brought sweet nostalgia. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying Mama Mia as much as we were. Yes, even dear old J enjoyed what might be called a chick flick! If you go, do not leave until after the credits! Relax and enjoy.
Tuesday evening, we heard a concert presented by our local community band, in our city park. An hour of patriotic music, the sound of children at play and cicadas in the trees. A perfect summertime evening in small town America.